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  1. Gorgeous arches and warm textures are only part of this quaint home set on the waterfront! On a sim that is part of an 8 sim linked series, this home is close to public roadways and waterways and rents for only $350L/wk! Home comes with security orb and is on a parcel blocked to outsiders views! Home comes with a pool and is fully furnished! Bedroom and living room furniture both feature changeable textures so you may customize as you desire! With quality animations and furnishings as well as a second bedroom, this home is the perfect starter for a small family or those trying to start a family! MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE! Come rent your perfect home today!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/80/109/22
  2. Dreamcatcher Home Rentals is proud to offer this gorgeous home, fully furnished with over 500 animations, remote control windows, doors and lighting and security orb for the discriminating renter! This home is located in a large dome with changeable sky and ground textures, at 3700m on a private estate parcel blocked from outside view. With beautiful textures and did we mention GREAT animations, this home is a MUST SEE at $850/wk with 50 prims for your personal touches! Looking for a great party home or get away? THIS IS IT!! No disturband from neighbors or other tenants.. only ONE left available!! VISIT and rent today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/81/118/22
  3. Live like a movie star in your very own Riviera Apartment at Dreamcatcher Estates!! This home features a beautiful view of the French Riviera with gorgeous open view roof, mesh build and quality, texture change living room furniture, bedroom furniture and plants! Set up with security this home is ready to rent today at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/89/119/21 !! ONLY ONE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT SALE PRICE OF $175L PER WEEK with 20 prims for personal touches! Media available on request!
  4. Make you SL home in this beautifully furnished waterfront cottage today! ONLY ONE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! This gorgeous home comes furnished with 20 prims to use for personal touches... additional prims are available to purchase! Beautiful furniture, upstairs bedroom and huge bath with balcony overlooking the waterfront! This home offers over 500 animations! No static poses! Remote system controls the windows and doors and security is set up linked through rental box! Rent this gorgeous home today for only $450L!! You won't find quality this good at this price anywhere!! Located on private estate sim with great rental community and staff who actually BELIEVE in all customer service stands for! Visit our rental office at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/89/119/21 and look for the vendor board, click the "available" space and tp this this great home to rent! For questions or additional prims contact Jessa Alberti in world or through forum IM!! We look forward to having you as a neighbor!
  5. Amethyst has some very good advice. I always have to chuckle at the people that claim nobody rents or nobody wants furnished or nobody will rent with a restricted prim allowance. The market is there but...it takes a ton of work to hit that market. If anyone thinks they can just throw homes out and they will rent...well lets just say they need to pass around whatever they are smoking there is a huge interment in time alone and a lot of money investment to go into this. I don't want to even think what I've spent to come within sight of breaking even and I've been doing this awhile now. I learned some hard, expensive lessons along the way.
  6. Search google play store its not free but very low priced and you get updates message me in world if you have questions on getting it to work right for you
  7. You can run SL on an Android tablet using an app called Lumiya. You can do most everything except rez and edit and the graphics aren't bad. Runs on a phone as well...not my first choice but is fine for when computer isn't available.
  8. Dreamcatcher Home Rentals is growing quickly and has 3 positions open for rental agents. Applicants must meet the following requirements: 1. Be at least 60 days old in SL 2. Have a firm grasp of English and/or be able to use a translator with ease 3. Have great personal communication skills 4. Be able to learn and open minded 5. Appearance should be that of someone with a firm grasp of SL (please no non-human avis or child avis) 6. Be able to work shifts of at least 2 hours daily 7. Be professional and friendly in sometimes stressful situations 8. Knowledge of various viewers is helpful JOB REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS: 1. Be available for questions for tenants and potential tenants 2. Show available homes / explain the vendor board system 3. Answer all inquiries promptly and with professionalism 4. Have offlines to email and answer promptly if messaged while offline (you can reply through email to messages in world) 5. Have a neat and tidy appearance, keeping in mind this is a professional business. Business attire is not required. PAY AND BENEFITS: ***All agents are provided a skybox home at Dreamcatcher Isle ***10% commission on first rental payments from clients ***Bonuses when availables are filled completely Please sent notecard in world with following application: *Your SL username *Your display name (if different than username) *Your age in SL *How long you have been active in SL *Any current or past employment history particulary in sales or marketing *Any other information you deem important to add. ABOUT DREAMCATCHER HOME RENTALS: Dreamcatcher Home Rentals is located on a private estate and offers skyboxes, skyhomes and beach houses for rent. Customer Service is job #1 and our tenants are our first priority - always-. Quickly developing into a friendly home community where tenants and visitors are treated with respect, DHR is quickly expanding and looking to hire qualified, well spoken, great looking individuals for the sales and support staff. Visit us InWorld at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/118/77/22
  9. Looking for land for light commercial rental properties. Trying to stay around $1L per prim - no homesteads please due to prim/traffic restrictions. Mainland or private estate ok so long as lag is not an issue. Please IM me in world, drop a notecard or IM me here. Thanks!
  10. Looking for land for light commercial rental properties. Trying to stay around $1L per prim - no homesteads please due to prim/traffic restrictions. Mainland or private estate ok so long as lag is not an issue. Please IM me in world, drop a notecard or IM me here. Thanks!
  11. Dreamcatcher Home Rentals is offering a 50x50m parcel with 200 prims for just $350L per week! Bulid your own home or choose from one of mine! Grass texture and walls can be changed to suit your tastes... dome also available! *Security available *Additional prims available at a low cost! ONE currently available! Visit our vendor and rent today!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/121/78/22
  12. Dreamcatcher Home Rentals is proud to announce a cute, affordable home for just $50L per week! This home is a great starter home with changeable textures on the bed, plants and furniture! Home features fireplace and cuddle rug, great textures and an Intan dance ball! This is a great home for just $50L per week with monthly discounts! *Ask about our Refer-A-Friend program and find out how some of our tenants live at Dreamcatcher Isle for FREE!! Visit Us In-World
  13. With homes starting at just $50L per wekk fully furnished, it is hard to find a location that beats Dreamcatcher Isle! Located on the Amethyst Nights private estate, these homes are quality built, have fantastic animations and options and LOW lag! Ask about our refer-a-friend program for current residents! Discounts on monthly payments! Affordable Sky Home - $50L per wekk with 10 prims for personalization: Features quality bed and furniture as well as cuddle rug with great animations and fireplace! The plants, bed and furniture all change textures at a touch... have a new home every day! - 1 Available! Two Story Home - $125L per week with 10 prims for personal touches: This beautiful home by Inverse features and upstairs bedroom, MLPV rug menu, beautiful textures and patios both upstairs and downstairs! Change your bedroom style as you wish and relax on the gorgeous couch that offers props and couples menus. Located in a private dome that also features texture changes for your choice of scenery, this home is a steal at this price! Media is available and home comes with security! - 1 Available! Two Story Home - $225L per week with 10 prims for personal touches: This home features an outside patio, comes with great furnishings and quality textures, has an upstairs den and bedroom and a downstairs lounge and cuddle area! Change the bedroom decor to suit your wishes with changeable plants and bedding! This home is located in a private dome with changeable view and comes with security! - 1 Available Two Story Home - $250L per week with 10 prims for personal touches: This gorgeous home by Inverse features quality furnishing and an upstairs bedroom with teleporter! Over 250 animations!! This home is located in a private dome with changeable view and comes with media and security! - 1 Available! NY City Skybox - $175L per week with 10 prims for personal touches: Live the urban life in this cute skybox with separated bedroom, cuddle rug and quality furnishing. Change the wall textures and view as you please! This homes bedroom is separated by a tinted glass wall and features a couples intan and media! - 2 Available! Platforms available - 50m square with prim allowances! Message me to get cost based on prim needs! All Dreamcatcher Tenants are welcome to visit us at ground level and take advantage of the beach area with a relaxing spot around the campfire, couples swing or cuddle pier! Visit our Vendor board at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/112/77/22 to see available homes. See something advertised that no longer shows available in the board? IM me in world or here and I will set something up for you!
  14. What are the sizes and prices? I am looking but ddon't have the time to go bouncing to all different parcels to look
  15. Need a home but dont have the budget or furnishings to set one up on your own? Dreamcatcher Home Rentals is announcing that the price on a select home has dropped to $125L a week! Featured home by quality builder is located on a private estate - low lag! - features 2 floors, is fully furnished, quality animations and an MPLV powered rug! Home also includes a couples dance ball, security and optional media! No static or freebies and the home is nestled cozily in a skydome for privacy! This home comes with 10 prims to allow you to add personal touches and make it your own! Follow the link to vendor board, click through until you find the "Unique Sky home" for $125L, click picture and follow lm in note or IM me in world! Find out why our customer service is second to none when it comes to home rentals and why our tenatns LOVE us!! ***Ask about our tenant referral program and find out how to live at Dreamcatcher for FREE! ***All inquiries regarding homes or from tenants are answered with 24 hours, typically immediately! If tenant query is not responded to in that time frame they receive free days worth of rent! *** All tenants have build rights!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/116/99/22
  16. Didn't use the key.. you can configure it all from the site. Wound up replacing the box so it would read it but it's working now thanks to a very nice in world message this morning
  17. I started using the hippo rent system for rentals and it works GREAT! Except that on one rental, it's not reading the tenant and partner prim count... only the main tenant. Is there any way to make it show both? I have searched and can't find any information on how to make it do this... help?
  18. For rentals Lutricia.. but no rush... we are currently full up
  19. Its a beautiful home and when you read the review you can pretty much guess what happened if you've done any building in SL at all i would read a review but before i dropped that much on a home I'd be sure to see it in person first. It's obvious you spent a great deal of time and skill on it. I wouldn't let it get to me too bad.. the home doesn't come close to matching his comments. Flag it and see what happens.
  20. How effective is mp for showing homes? Anyone have any success?
  21. Thank you so much...I knew I wasn't entirely crazy lol
  22. Dreamcatcher Isle is offering shops for rent for $75L/wk with 50 prims! Discounts for monthly rentals! Additional prims available... ask me for details! This location is getting traffic and visitors and will soon have games available as well! I currently have two agents as well as two advertisers talking it up to everyone they meet, as well as am listed in classifieds, soon to be on MP and now here! Let us help build your business! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/107/98/22
  23. This beautiful brownstone home rents for just 75L a week with a monthly discount for 4 week rentals. It comes with basic furniture, couches, chairs and bed as well as 30 prims for you to give it your own taste of home! Doors are on a lock system for tenant only, but tenants can easily tp their friends in. With a great view of the groundlevel of Dreamcatcher Isle, there will always be something interesting to look at. Curl up in the bay windows to contemplate and chat or spend a quiet time on the upstairs balcony available in some homes! Rent this home today and make it your safe place in SL! We'd love to have you as a neighbor! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amethyst%20Nights/107/98/22
  24. Not sure that is the only way but thank you for your reply. I've rented on sims before where i didn't have a parcel but had options for my own music. I just don't remember which systems they used as it was some time ago. I remember having neighbors that had tvs that you only heard within a certain range. Edited because I've been staring at a screen for far too long today lol
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