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  1. My complete Inventory keeps trying to attach itself to my avatar every five minutes or so?? While on line and as soon as I log on to the server, I get a message ' you cannot attach multiple items to one place ' and in recent items, where only recent items are normally shown, my complete inventory appears. This is an annoying bug and I would be grateful to have it resolved, can anyone help please?
  2. That is a bit unfair Haley, you know you think SL is an amazing site! Why not mention to the new CEO that you highly commend and recommend the SL experience for the many RL services you are involved with? Such as a second life for people with a disability who are home bound and so on being enabled to go dancing and such? What about my Bee educational project? Haley, negative comments like this are not constructive at all! I know you had lots of trouble with the SL Administration but they are overworked to the bone and do the best they can with what they have to work with, hey? Don't jeopardize the experience for the rest of us with your centric and negative views. I know that you think SL is just so amazing!
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