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  1. Why change something that isn't broken? I love 1.23.5, even if you think it's ancient, at least it doesn't lag like hell, freeze up and is hard to search for anything in the game. The new viewer sucks.
  2. I did a search on line and found 1.23.5 at CNET Downloads, so try there. DeDe
  3. I really hate this new viewer and I can't find my older one on my computer and I can't find it on the website either, this is the first time in 6 years I just want to quit SL. Can anyone help me find version 1.23.5?
  4. I had a fellow contact me and give me supreme heck for his mistake. He asked me quite bluntly, Can you tell me why a pair of glasses that I made now has you as the creator and owner?!!! He sent me the glasses and while I was looking at them, he yellled at me, saying I should be careful not to go around making full perm sculpties because people are stealing the maps! I calmly reponded that I don't usually sell anything with full permissions. He ranted how stupid I was, called me "Dude" and told me to stop it. I told him his issue is that he obviously used one of my prims and linked all of his prims to it, making mine the parent or root prim, therefore making the entire object, mine. He didn't want to listen and yelled more crap at me in IM, so I was rude and told him "listen "dude", learn how to link your prims, idiot, and F**k off". Maybe that was uncalled for but I've been in SL since 2006, have been making objects and clothes for years and this little snot tries to tell me how to do things? Please! What do you think, was I too harsh? Usually I'm quite friendly and I like to help people, but he just jumped down my throat! And if he's such a great object creator, why the heck is he using other people's prim objects?
  5. I've been in SL since 2006, the good old days. I've never once seen the Lindens do anything to help a shop owner, they only want profits, as any huge company does. So they look for ways to make more of the almighty dollar. I've owned my shop since 2006 and I have virtually zero people visiting these days. So, what did I do? I reduced my tier by abandoning all of my land except one parcel. I look at it this way, I'm getting the good old days weekly stipend of L$500 lindens, and I now only pay $5 US per month to play. Now I'm making a profit once again. My lindens keep growing, I don't advertise anymore, (Advertising is stupid, based on amount you're willing to spend and really, what do you get out of it?) and I don't even use the on line shopping option anymore either. I like to have fun, that's my goal, I don't care anymore about profit, I just wanna play and spend as little of my real money as possible but still have a shop I can call my own, because I simply like to build...
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