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  1. I have received a security alert from Google, dated December 16th that there was a data breach at Second Life and my password was compromised in the event.
    Obviously I have no way of telling if any of this is even remotely true but seeing posts all across the forum where people had issues logging in around that time and knowing how our Gods in Linden Heaven are not always the most informative bunch I thought I'll bring it up. Those with a google account who have their passwords stored in their browser might be able to verify the situation in an instant. Better safe than sorry.. in this spirit.. stay safe everyone

  2. There is also the possibility to create a second or 3rd display on your actual screen.
    Assuming the only reason to care about "steady" FPS in SL would be streaming or recording you could go ahead and create a 2nd screen and your first screen remains always focused, your streaming or recording software completely ignores the 2nd screen. You can switch that on the fly, resolution remains the same even when it temporarily appears smaller on your screen. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    I've been running servers for years now and no, they have not "plummeted". They are cheaper yes, but SL has not stayed at a fixed size either, whether it's the visible part (regions) or the invisible infrastructure supporting it.

    I guess that depends from which angle you want to see things ;)
    If you factor in the consumption of bandwidth alone we are talking about 90% if that is not significant or justifies the word plummeting then please forgive me.
    If you factor in the hardware that is needed to run a sim 15 years ago and is needed to run a sim today you most likely find that we are not "living" on high performance machines. Threads and processes have possibly quadrupled, hardware today can handle up to 32 times more than 15 years ago. They don't need to invest into growing performance or a growing community, they can simply updates their hardware from 15 years ago with parts that were created 10 years ago which is more than enough and very inexpensive. 

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  4. Just now, Drayke Newall said:

    Sad thing is rather than giving what people wanted and what was needed - SL2 which, would have resolved many things and injected new life into Second Life, we got Sansar, the project no one asked for nor wanted and even though released recently has graphics so far behind modern graphics no one uses it.

    Regarding Sansar... VR must run on stable FPS or you have puking customers (seriously) 👩‍⚕️
    I believe they are in the vicinity of doing it right. Even major studios working for Playstation reducing graphics massively to increase the experience.

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  5. My apologies if my points were already mentioned before, I could only fly over the previous 53 pages. Obviously I am joining this discussion a bit late ;)
    I am in SL since the first year, had businesses  on my original avatar and this one and made a wonderful living from it for many years until I took a job as a texture creator at a game design studio ;)

    Alright let's humor Linden Labs for a second and applaud them for not increasing membership fees since day one... YAY
    Now let's explore reality..

    Server prices have plummeted since they were introduced, the actual expenses are a fraction of what they used to be, LL has never adjusted in our favor.
    The Graphics Engine, in the version we have today, was outdated the day it was introduced, there was never made the attempt to use a more modern version or an entirely different engine that would take us out of the stone age into the modern world.  Stable FPS is ruined by so many short comings in the overall concept of the environment.
    We are still experiencing the exact same lag as 10 years ago despite the fact that bandwidth got up to 1000 times faster.
    We, very recently, experienced teleportation issues like in the first years. 
    The client Linden Labs is providing is the first thing people change once people get the hang of SL
    The content in this world is created by us entirely and LL has their feet on the brake since day one when it comes to development.
    Second Life is too complicated to ever become mainstream.

    There are other 3D Communities that run on a fraction of the servers, on high end graphics, with subtle details and 90 people in the same room just make no difference to the experience.

    Second Life has always been something for the lovers of the concept, it caters a very particular "crowd" and that is what they are banking on now. Giving us the "chance" to renew the membership for the old price, where the monthly increase is lower as the quarterly increase to make people choose the annual subscription... to get one last giant cash flow that will not be used to improve any of those things mentioned above.

    If anything Land and Membership prices should have been lowered despite inflation and devaluation of the currency,  an increase of this magnitude is something nobody should go along with unless their SL business dictates it. The power is really in our hands.


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  6. Nalates if you don't wanna hear my rants you have the choice not to read them.

    None of my experiences are out of touch with reality, you must feel very high of yourself to even say that.
    The issue we are talking about persist for longer than 3 months, manipulating the readers of this forum by saying I suggest this should be fixable in 24 or 48 hours is not OK because these problems are known for years and as you correctly stated they are working on it for 3 years and have not found a better solution as the one that keeps collapsing on a weekly basis.

    The fact and the matter is as long Linden Labs is charging top shelf server hosting prices I have  to expect a top shelf service. I am a paying customer and I don't have to care about the reasons. When your mobile phone or internet provider has connectivity issues over 3 months you are not interested in their excuse either on top of that you and I have a completely different investment into Second Life, I am paying 1000 USD a month and 16 hours a day in order to provide for the people I love, when basic features are lost for 3 hours 3 times a week then this becomes frustrating because deadlines don't go away and i lose money in the process. In example I had an event in May with daily new releases for special prices with up to 1400 people a day and 20k traffic, each Wednesday and Thursday i lost  aprox 15,000 L$ because it happened during EU prime time. Thats' 30,000 a week thats 120,000 a month and at times I even had to close my sim due to too many failed deliveries.

    This is not my first avi, I am here since 2006 and i have been through that already and if anyone expects me to be patient i can do that when Linden Labs lowers their charges because their system is not working 100% and my credit card charge does not reflect that. As long as I am paying full price and lose time and money in the process i don't have to be understanding and I have the right to be ignorant about it. It's always a 2 way street.

    I say it again, if our land payments would be directly linked to the stability of the grid these issues would no longer exist because Linden Labs would lose money and people would get fired over it. All of this is happening on our backs while they charge the full amount, nothing in return and when the deploy the new code they already know they  have to do cosemtic surgery on the servers again which was my point entirely.

  7. It is now a bit longer than 3 months that the weekly server deploy breaks what has been fixed the week before.
    In a good week this is fixed in 2 days but usually there are on and off partial or full outages over 3 days.
    Apparently there are huge asset server issues that need to be fixed. It is beyond me why they keep deploying code when they are fully aware that it will break the basic functions all over again. You could deal with that 2 or 3 times but when it keeps happening for this period of time after 11 years you really wonder if they suffer from a mental condition.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to take down the frid for 24/48 hours and setup a proper asset server system instead of intentionally breaking the grid every week during EU prime time hours?

    The last deploy is probably the worst I have seen. My own prims and Meshes become no mod/no copy/no transfer i rezzed a hollow cubic prim 1x1x1 and it Land Impact 98, I try to pack boxes, it won't let me. I try to delete the half packed boxes, it won't let me this is going on for 2 days now and I believe we have endured enough and pay way too much money for our land as this can be allowed to happen. Maybe it is time to challenge the TOS in front of a judge and link our payments to the quality of the service, I am damn sure issues would not re-appear anymore or people get fired.

    (end of rant)

  8. If our payments to you would directly linked to the service you provide would you keep deploying  this crap? For how long are we supposed to swallow the fact that every single week for 3 months the same issues that been fixed over a period of 3 days the week before re-appear? Mistakes happen, if they happen every single week we are dealing with unstoppable idiots. How about you don't roll out and fix what has to be fixed once and for all. Compared to REAL and proper webhosting we are paying outragous prices, it is time to provide the service we pay for.

  9. imagine this would happen with popular console game on Xbox Live or PSN where there are millions of players not 38,000 where there is no 6 Billion USD Economy... heads would roll, a sh*t storm would be over the devlopers heads and people would be really mad. Somehow SL people are really understanding and kind. Maybe we shouldn't be too understanding and forgiving, without pressure they seem to feel they can keep on dragging this repetetive problem over 2 months!

  10. Maestro Linden wrote:

    We will be monitoring this thread as the code gets released, so feel free to note any observations you have about the server updates.  If you have a specific bug you'd like to report, please file a 

    I observed... monitor this.

    my tolerance threshold is exhausted.

    Problems happen but when they happen in this stunning frequency it is no longer a problem it is a screw up.

    The loss of income today alone would have paid for my sim which I will be charged in full despite that fact that it keeps rebooting with 30 miutes downtime everytime. At some point TOS cannot erase legal obligations anymore. All of this was acceptable in 2008, in 2014 it is simply not because they keep repeating itself with increasing frequency for 2 months now. In the end of the day it is the basic functions that aren't working after 11 years of experience.

  11. bigmoe Whitfield wrote:

    people rant and complain constantly, if you HAD read any other threads about certain people who were coming to SL to fllpflop with bitcoin or to buy these in large sums and cash out, you would realize there was something taking place. the LAB clamped down on this and with the new laws that have went into effect the LAB has to do certain thigns to keep the FEDS off their backs. 


    I have read them and I at least started 5 of them and nobody wants Linden Labs to commit fraud or act as money laundering tool that doesn't mean that an automated process must take 5 days or longer and this is the part where you should actually read peoples complaints instead of ranting on because you have a default opinion about something you seem not to be a victim off.  It is one thing to have a bold opinion or loosing 2000+ USD per year due to bad currency exchange rates and loss of interest. Linden Labs has tools to spot fraud, illegal money and money launderers. A regular shop owner comes out of the routine check without any red flags and could therefore receive the money instantly.


    Someone with a store who receives several hundred 300L$ transactions for 3+ years who has registered with the IRS, has the passport on file and otherwise never been mentioned negatively does not deserve the same scrutiny as someone who is new and spends or received muiltiple 5 figure or 6 figure sums. In fact they don't deserve the same kind of scrutiny every week all over again nor does the IRS care about people getting away with 50 dollars. The worst case in this store owner scenario is that someone uses illegal money to buy items for a few thousand L$. That would be like 20 to 30 USD which Linden Labs could easily deduct at a later point or charge from the credit card if no funds are available, it does not justify a delay of funds for 5 days period. If one receives larger amounts as usual the accountant comes in the picture and can check where the money came from. This happens once or twice a year and everyone could live with that. There are no security measures for receiving money on Linden Labs side but once they have to pay us we are assumed criminals and everyone who defends these kind of principles has different values as I am. All fine with me but please don't tell me or others to shut up and bend over or assume that everyone should be as liberal when it comes to their money. The BitCoin issue could be solved by banning L$ resellers from accepting it.

  12. Coby Foden wrote:

    note Genesis wrote:

    I LOVE definitively the new avatars . They look gorgeous with material enabled

    Linden Lab say (

    These avatars are designed to give new users a more appealing set of choices as they start their time in Second Life.

    Linden Labs did the exact opposite because new residents they don't know they look "newbish" their frst concern is understanding how it works. Once they realize they should improve their looks they go to freebie places. They will keep doing this but find literally NOTHING. They will buy clothes and it will take them a lot more confusion as before why the jeans doesn't show on their bodies, the most are already struggeling to handle the over complicated first user experience with that obsolete viewer now they have to understand the difference between mesh avatar and old avatar and no way for an inexperienced eye to tell the difference. This is hands down killing the newbie retention and it is frustrating for veterans, newbies and designers and Linden Labs made another utterly excrutiating dumb decission.



    I like to compare Linden Labs to a bunch of deers, they kinda look amazing on the outside but they are dumb as bread. Once they hear a branch cracking somwhere in the woods they run full speed into a truck by looking straight into it untill they get hit and die.

  13. I think it is beyond rude for a company that has the resources to charge us instantly...
    I think it is beyond rude for a 24/7 online business with peak days on the weekend closing shop before the weekend.

    The reason why they do it is because they can. It is an abusive use of a monopoly and if  Linden Labs was located in Europe they would have to pay within 2 business days. Let's not forget that the charge for the currency conversion is the highest conversion surcharge on this planet, let's also not forget that Europeans are force fed PayPal who have the worst USD to EUR rate on this planet. If you withdraw 1000 USD you lose more than 10% which is absolutely insane for a business based on microtransactions. It is beyond rude, it is beyond ignorant and it is beyond acceptable.

    The fact that an accountant handles all these matters is making me sick to my stomach. This accountant runs several macros over our transactions to check for unusual transactions and will only in the case of an unusual transaction or illegal funding actively look into our account. This can be automated and everyone with no unusual activity can be waved through and receive money instantly. Those with unusual activity can be manually checked and sorted out.

    We all had to sign forms for the IRS regardless if we are Americans or not, they have our Passport/ID on file, they have our adress and payment informations... Even in the case of sending through bad funds they could hold back future funds or charge us directly. This should be good practice for everyone who is withdrawing weekly or more often and never caused a problem. If you withdraw the same amount every week and nothing was wrong in the 7 years of your SL existence, what are the odds something is wrong now? In the end of the day this is supposed to be a counter terrorism method and an anti money laundering precausion from the IRS which makes you wonder if Which store Osama Bin Laden used to run and did he use Lola Appliers or not?

    I started withdrawing Money Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I receive my money like this
    Sundays --> Fridays
    Wednesdays - > Wednesdays
    Fridays - > Fridays

    or longer when there are holidays, they say it is 2-5 business days, somewhere else they say it is 3- 5 business days but it is always 5 days or longer. They promised a year ago to work on it, they are not working on it and they have not even changed the date on their website to at least keept the pretention alive that they care because we don't give them enough hell.



  14. this sounds like a general mesh rezzing issue,
    what happens when you get really close to the person, does it all of a sudden appear? Does a right click on the mesh "blob" help?

  15. While Mesh Avatats will be the future this release is once again a horrible idea for Newbies, long time residents and Designers.

    Newbies will literally find nothing to wear on the grid. Hence they won't use these avatars for long or leave because they quickly realise that there are no freebies for them and they are not ready to spend money. The avatars were good enough for newbies, the handling of the viewer needed fixing for a smoother first time experience.

    If chossing a Mesh avatar a long time residents renders their layer outfits and rigged mesh completely useles, all the monies for skin, clothes, make up, shoes etc would have been wasted (not going to happen)

    These avatars are based on FitMesh which nobody really likes, most designers including myself have stopped selling it because customers hated it. (I asked for feedback in exchange for store cards, over 94% out of 300 people disliked itm over 70% actually said they hated it)

    The strenght of Second Life was always the creativity of us residents. We residents should work out the standards and not 3 designers that Linden Labs believes represent us all because they clearly don't. Not only will this cause a massive confusion this decission benefits noone because when designers stick together and ignore these avatars then nobody will use them.

    Let's just hope designers will ignore this idea and it disappears by itself.

  16. I can't speak for the most people here but when you have been at 1000+ malls in this SL Career you have heard and read it all and everything keeps repeating itself on a daily basis (i get 10+ invites a day)

    What works for me is a short notecard with a landmark and rental terms in it. Because in the end of the day every word is too much if the shop is in a bad location, the landing point too far away, free landing zones etc.. All experienced designers know exactly what they want regardless what you say because each new mall owner is enthusiastic and it sounds like the recipe to stardom.

    People who are interested will check out the place and know within seconds if they want to be there or not.

  17. Thank you Sassy for sharing, I love the level of inexperince on the Linden Labs side.

    1) I don't think FitMesh will catch on. Most designers I know have dropped it already, my test group of customers hated it and I just don't see the point to have another system that is based on shape adjustments while people really want sliders where they can adjust the fabrics.

    2) Where are all the decent mesh avatars that make this worth mentioning? A Custom mesh avatar will most likely require custom mesh clothing, how is a standard icon going to make sense in this matter? It doesn't make sense.

    3) Rigged Mesh is the standard and will remain the standard until they come up with a deformer system.

    Interesting enough, one of the designers who attends these meetings is advertising FitMesh as  "Liquid Mesh" which is an entirely different project. I am wondering if these designers are actually involved in the project or if they were just used to attend these meetings in order for LL to drop their names. You would think that a designer who helps developing a system takes some pride in that and would not intentionally distance herself from the name LL has chosen for a project that will fail within 6 months time from now

  18. Please acknowledge that there is a difference of people making 50 bucks a week or 2000 USD a week. The person doing 2000 a week should rely on their SL income. Second Life is a platform with multi milion profits over the last 10 years, that is more reliable and more secure as 85% of RL dayjob employers can offer.

    Another thing I read is that the 3-5 days period is US Law. Sorry that's just not true. The moment you have registered with the IRS (US or Non US Form) there is no legal requirement for LL to keep the money from you. The problem is that each request is handled manually for no good reason. If one withdraws 500-2000 USD each week over at least 3 months without any complaints, DMCA's etc. this merchant should receive their money instantly. If they exceed their previously approved withdrawal limit then there is a valid point to hold the money back and look into it manually.

    People have become so obedient and disconnected from right and wrong they literally accept everything. The solution is not "don't rely on SL" the solution is to make the service better.

  19. Thank you Parrish for the interesting sources.

    That been said these sources use words such as "likely" and probably etc..
    They are no legal guides but they bring you up to speed.

    Given the recent past of the US Government and their surveillance it is just a matter of time where your transaction history is becoming relevant for the IRS. I don't think they will burden themselves and have you pay taxes for each microtrnsaction but you will have to submit your entire Transaction history as proof for your win/loss calculation. Like I said it is a matter of time it is not happening now.

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