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  1. I'm old by SL standards, not ancient, but old. I'm over 1500 days and have seen some good changes. I liked sculpties and enjoy an environment that isn't cluttered by pose balls. Some of the changes have been very good. Since the merge with the Teen Grid, however, I see a lot of changes to accomodate youths. Nice for the youths. I dont think LL has a very robust age verification system, however, and I meet people every day that are in mature and adult sims who are obviously too young. I hope this idea is a way of tempting the kids away from mature sims, but I don't think it is, tbh. I think it's a step toward homogenising the sims into teen safe places. If it is my days will be numbered inworld. I don't want a "game" I want an environment. So far it's been a great environment for me. I feel the winds changing, though. It's interesting that the userbase is increasing but the inworld session time is decreasing. It's interesting, too, that sims are empty more often than full. People who do come inworld are hiding on private land...choosing their friends carefully and avoiding the public sims more and more. It is isolating and it's limiting the experience I found when I first came inworld and I think it's a direct result of the Teen Grid merger.
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