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  1. Thanks Gaia. I will upgrade to Blender 2.67b and try again.
  2. I'm using Blender 2.63 and the latest Avastar with a mesh that I oribginally created in 3ds Max. It imported fine into Blender and I rigged it to the Avastar rig. When I try to export it to a dae file using the Avastar exporter I get an error window. IT appears the error is "Object does not have a copy attribute". Does anyone have any idea what I might have done to cause this?
  3. I'm using Blender 2.63 and Avastar 1.dev.639. I have an avatar model in 5 pieces that I am attempting set up to use as a mesh avatar. I have followed all of the steps in the tutorials and have discovered that when I am trying to copy the weights it doesn't work as expected. I select the armature then shift-select each of the parts of the mesh. When I copy the weights, the last part I selected is unweighted. I have changed the order that I select them in and it consistently does not copy the weights for the last selected part. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I realize that lag near the borders is a little vague. What some residents are experiencing is the inability to walk near the border or change clothes. When they move away it is better for them. I have had them turn draw distance down which improves their performance but doesn't clear it up. The sim that is cause us the problems is the one on the main channel. Interestingly, about 6 weeks ago we noticed that all of the spript times on the main channel sim inexplicably were lower than they had been and then about 2 weeks ago they all went back up again. We investigated any changes that the residents might have done at those times but found none I began to think these unexplained changes in script times might be related to the two server versions somehow. I know it's a stretch but I thought I would ask the question anyway.
  5. I have two sims that are side-by-side. One is on the Magnum channel and the other the main channel. Latrly we have been experiencing severe lag near the sim boundries. In tryig to troubleshoot this we have tried everything we can think of but it still exists. Is it possible that these two sims on different versions of server code could be confilcting? Should I request one of them to be changed so they are on the same channels?
  6. Thank you. I didn't think about order of operation. When I reversed it I am getting the expected results.
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I am putting together an eternal program to export prims to 3dsMax and as part of that I need to get the rotation of the prims so that the objects can be imported in to 3dsMax. When I get the rotation of a child prim it is in relation to the rotation of the root prim. I need to convert this rotation to world coordinates and this is giving me a little bit of trouble. I have tried calculating this by multiplying the child prim rotation by the root prim rotation but the resulting rotation is not correct. What am I overlooking here?
  8. For those that are interested, I have two sims side-by-side. One that is on the RC-KT channel and one that is not. We have seen no deifference in the operations of scripts or anything else between the two. Although I wasn't aware that we were on two different server channels till I read this thread, I have no issues with LL testing in this way. Being in the software business myself, I can appreciate the complexity of testing and debugging a client server application as complicated as SL. If I notice any issues, I'll file a Jira and move on.
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