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  1. So many things I hadn't thought of. Thank you Lillith for letting me know that some skyboxes come with the option to rezz as a house.
  2. Thank you for your response. My land that I own does not have a covenant, so I guess that would not be a problem. I never thought about having doors on skyboxes. Hmmm
  3. If I own a plot of land am I allowed to have a house on the ground AND a skybox in the sky; with enough available prims? Also, can I place a skybox house on the ground?
  4. Hi Moira, Yes, I saw that too, but unfortunately everyone seems to be pointing to someone or somewhere else, leaving the customer (me) with no one to speak to. I did send a message to Onustore and Plastic Core, so I will just have to wait and see if anyone gets back to me. I did go to Facebook and sent the same message to ONSU from there as well as the other two places I've tried. It'll be interesting to see if I hear back from anyone. I'm trying to be optimistic and hoping that I will hear back from somebody.
  5. It's definitely a little out of the ordinary...but then so are their houses. I sent a message to Plastic.Core. So now I'll just wait and see if I get a reply.
  6. These are the affiliates that I found. You're right Lindal, this is sounding/feeling like some sort of quest.
  7. Hi Lindal, You're the best!! I never think about the obvious and always need someone more knowledgeable and experienced to point me in the right direction! I actually had no idea I could right click some of the objects to find out more about the creator. Thank you for that info. So, I did as you suggested and will wait to see if I hear back from the owner/creator. Thank you again!
  8. I want to find out who owns or manages the "ONSU" prefab home center? When I go there, I can never find anyone to ask a question. How do I go about finding out who I can contact for more information about certain houses? Thank you to anyone who has any idea of what I can do to get some help and answers.
  9. I love it! Messing up stuff IS the best way to learn how to do some things. Luckily I'm pretty handy with the Build Tool. Thank you for your response and especially for the laugh! "If push comes to shove, call it art! " I totally look at it that way. 😄
  10. Thank you for sharing that ChinRey. I'm going to go check it out tomorrow. It can be used on anything, right? Hmmm, I'm intrigued and can't wait to see how well it works.
  11. Thank you to everyone that replied to my question. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t figure this out my own, nope instead I post on a public forum for everyone to see how it can be when you start getting old…er. The memory is one of the first things to go, which apparently in my case it seems to have already left the building!!. 😉 I really do appreciate everyone who responded to my question. ChinRey: Believe it or not I aced all of my math classes from simple math to algebra, geometry, and statistics. I was definitely having a brain fart. It truly looked too simple to actually be the answer. I tend to overthink everything. I do appreciate your post; you’re right that I should have done the simple math and not doubt the answer. So, thank you. Pussycat Catnap: I would be very interested in learning how to shrink buildings! It’s a great idea! Is there somewhere that I could learn how to do that? Thank you for all of your suggestions. I copied all of them into a word doc so I can check them all out later. Marianne Little: You point out a lot of things that I had given some thought to, but not nearly enough. I like a lot of the little touches that make a house look like a home. Plants are an absolute must have. So I will consider all prim counts as I am decorating the house. Thank you toLittleMe Jewell and Fenimore Hapmouche as well. And Nova Convair thank you so much for the laugh! I will make that cube you suggested, that’s a great idea!
  12. Will a 55x55 mtr house fit on a 2048 sq m parcel? I hope I'm asking this correctly. I own a 2048 sq m parcel, which is very close to being square shaped. I found a house I love, but I'm not sure the land is large enough to put it on. I have looked through a lot of forums and knowledge base posts, but I haven't found the answer, I'm guessing the question is way too basic or I'm just looking in the wrong place. Thank you for any and all help.
  13. Hi Jinny, I am VERY interested in purchasing this parcel you have for sale. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, MayLynn Moonstone maylynnmoonstone@gmail.com
  14. Thank you Lindal for your answer, I truly appreciate it! I did remove all of the names of the store and the people associated with it...I had no idea that you couldn't use their names. As you can see this was only my second question in 6 years. The sad thing is that I had purchased from this store the very first skins I ever owned when I was a newbie...I'm so disappointed in the customer service that I am going to return all of their skins back to them. It will say more than words can, PLUS it will help thin out my inventory! At over 100,000 items in my inventory every little bit helps. Can I ask you a question personally?
  15. I purchased a skin at the in world store on March 13, 2016 but never received the item. When I searched for the store through the search window in Second Life I found out that the owners like to be contacted this way: "DON´T IM ME SEND A NOTE WE DO NOT RETURN MONEY FOR ERRORS COMMITTED BY CUSTOMERS There´s a rule that the Company does not return money for errors committed by customers." I DID send the owners, and everyone else associated with the store Notecards on about 20 of the 38 days since I purchased the item, AND the error is NOT MINE--I DEFINITELY paid for the item--I just NEVER received the skin that I paid for!!! (I know this sounds dramatic in my tone--but I am ALWAYS polite and courteous when communicating with other residents in SL and real life ;-) ) I have sent a variety of 5 different Notecards on 20 days over a period of 5+ weeks and have not heard anything from anyone: NOT the owners and, NOT from other people associated with the store; I have sent Notecards to ALL of them and have not heard ANYTHING from anyone. I went back to the store and found this on their FAQ board: "7. I bought a product but did not receive. How to proceed? Wait a few minutes or even 24 hours before complaints, can be SL lag. If after 24 hours your product is not in your inventory, send a Notecard with the full details of purchase e.g. location, date, time, product and destination. This information is available at Second Life, just log in and check transactions and account history." I DID include all of the transaction details in every Notecard that I sent. Is there anyone I can contact to get my money back? I paid L$3499 Second Life Lindens or $14.41 US dollars. I really want the skin, but if they can't give me that, than I'd like my money back. I'm at my wits end, where do I go from here?? Is there ANY help or resolution possible??Is there ANYONE who can contact the store on my behalf?
  16. Would someone please define "griefing" in Second Life. I have heard the term many times, but have never seen an actual definition. Thank you.
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