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About Me

  1. FOR SALE 2 parcel 2x protected of 4064sqm each with Road & Sailable water access price : 99 999L$ for 4064sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shamrock/50/158/95
  2. RARE Island for rent at Sansara Fully furnished and equipped Enjoy 14 160 sqm of this private Island just for you ! Come with 4861prims and 3853 prims available this property is perfect to spend some time as a retreat, honeymoon, or even a party! All around is sailable water, you can sail to La Croisette from here. Boat/jet ski rezzer are included Now available for rent at 3999L$ /week (also available for rental per day for 2550L$/day) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pine/88/210/84
  3. ZAKER HOMES Present LE CHALET D'HIVER A full Landscaped and furnished Home for your winter moment. - 4 Bedrooms all equipped with their own bathroom each - 1 Office equipped with his own bathroom - Garage that can fit 3 cars inside and more outside - 1 cinema room - Snow mobile rezzer included This parcel is connected to road and is located next to Chamonix city, and the airport. You will also have 1000prims allowance to add your own decoration, cars, dogs, zooby and personnalisation. Rent this beautiful piece of art for 285
  4. Hello all. I decided to start a new thread specifically for my favourite continent, Sansara - where SL all began, as did it's precursor, Linden World. My first post for this thread fixes one of the biggest problems with Sansara, as there is currently no way to move by boat from Sansara's north coast to south coast, or vice-versa. Why? There is no contiguous waterway and water levels are much higher/deeper in Sansara's interior lakes. My plan involves a short relocation of a 16 region sized micro-continent called "Islandia North" (to the north-east of Sansara) and adding 38 new water
  5. Region : Chicagon Continent : Sansara Price : 5000ls for Road access parcel / 2000ls for the other one Parcel of 1024sqm with 351 prims x12 Theres also smaller one for extra prims if needed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chicagon/195/164/114
  6. Chvdi


  7. We have two Beach House unit available for rent with 1000prims for 2250L$/week You will have a boat slip for your boat and access to the beach! there's also a lil beach bar to receive friends and take a drink. The underwater is full of fishes, you can dive as much as you want to explore Taxi boat : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shepherd/188/190/91
  8. Hotel Room Available in our new IBISS Hotel They are located at Cannes Airport in Sansara. Rooms are fully furnished 25L$/Day with 10prims Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chicagon/190/154/122
  9. The Appartements are in Le Carlton Tower. Located at La Croisette (Sansara) You will have access to all activities like sailing, road, pool, restaurant, beach and at 2 minutes to Cannes Airport (A pilot can drive you there on demand) I have 7 units available at 399L$/Week and with 50prims / Security included Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shamrock/161/196/91
  10. Sansara snowlands parcel for sale. Just reduced to $L24,999. Winter road protected; 4,608sqm; Great adjacent abandoned land buffers. 64 x 64 meters Must see... Blair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blair/60/108/127
  11. Sansara snowlands parcel for sale. $L29,999. Winter road protected; 4,608sqm; Great adjacent abandoned land buffers. 64 x 64 meters Must see... Blair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blair/60/108/127
  12. Sansara snowlands parcel for sale. $L29,999. Winter road protected; 4,608sqm; Great adjacent abandoned land buffers. 64 x 64 meters Must see... Blair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blair/60/108/127
  13. A square parcel of mainland real estate measuring 2,048 square meters with its full compliment of 703 prims in the Long Meg region of Sansara. It measures 44 x 44 meters plus a 4 x 28 extension on the northeast corner. Priced to sell quickly! Don't miss out on this one!
  14. Great little waterfront property. 2048sqm 703 prims. Protected Sailable waterway. Quiet neighborhood, residential. Objects not included, just return all after purchase. Moderate Rating located on beautiful Sansara. $8500L $4.2L pm. Best price in the area. Visit Today!
  15. Beautiful Snowlands property in the mountains with protected waterway access. Gorgeous Moderate Rating land in the mountains, beautiful view in a quiet residential area. Objects not included, auto-return upon purchase. Priced competitively in the area! $20,000L 2256sqm 774 prims $8.9L pm Visit Today!
  16. Beautiful Sansara, (Colonia) 1024 lot, quiet neighbors, protected waterfront, low lag Priced to sell http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Colona/235/166/22 Or make an offer
  17. For sale, the Marina de Lia Annex. This is a 832 sqm parcel in Sansara that offers connections to Mare Secundus and beyond. Parcel land capacity is 285 LI. Location is right here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/286-parcels-for-sale-mainland/?do=add The parcel is priced to sell with an asking price of 2500L. Visitors are always welcome across the river at the main Marina de Lia and I'd love to welcome a good neighbor to the area.
  18. Sweet little spot situated on a grassy hillside, and close to an unfinished Linden road. Land is L-shaped and I currently have a raised 4x4m viewing platform installed in the corner, to give you just one idea of what is possible in this space. (see view from this platform in the image below) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schell/155/223/101
  19. Really great location and plenty of space for your landscaping inspiration (3472 m2)! On the historic Sansara continent with access to lots of protected waters for boating! Very reasonable price for the area! $22,000- hilltop - great view and quiet area. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solang/66/221/42
  20. Hello Friends, This beautiful and quiet mainland sand and water property in South Islandia is for sale and comes with 686 objects for your building pleasure. The parcel is 2000 square meters in size. Reduced again! L$ 18,000 - L$9/m2 2000 square meters L$ 20,000 - L$10/m2 2000 square meters
  21. At Buzzy Bee Rentals, sky-homes start from L$5 a week. Furnished and unfurnished sky-homes, platforms, airspace and ground-level homes are available. No claustrophobic box cities, complicated teleport machines or communicating via objects. You will have lots of space, a simple landmark and personal customer service. All of my rental homes have visual and audio privacy. No outside avatar can see avatars inside a land-parcel nor detect their conversation, and vice versa. Security orbs are also available by request. Everything is negotiable. You can mix-and-match my furniture an
  22. Buzzy Bee Rentals has ground-level homes starting from L$20 per week (depending on availability). My homes include waterfront beach/river homes, hillsides with views, and "city" locations. Empty ground-level spaces are also available, to place your own home. All of my rental homes have visual and audio privacy. No outside avatar can see avatars inside a land-parcel nor detect their conversation, and vice versa. Every ground-level house also comes with a security system. Everything is negotiable. You can mix-and-match my furniture to create your own style, or replace my obje
  23. For SALE, 1024m parcel, 351 prims - 2,450 L$ Price idea: 2,450 L$ - good value and same price as I paid for it. Lovely roadside mountain plot at, Callisto, Northwestern Sansara. Direct road access to major parts of Sansara, beautiful mountains, snow lands, lakes, rivers. Sansara is the oldest continent and by far the place with the most interesting and has a lot to explore. Nice friendly neighborhood, no wild structures, buildings and gardens kept in the low mountain style, quiet region and surroundings. URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Callisto/2
  24. Locations: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rodeo/206/225/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immaculate/253/179/22 Our marinas are located in the Bay of Space Pigs on the original Sansara continent. From here you can sail all over the continent and beyond, to such areas as the Sea of Fables, Great/Hidden/Lost Lakes, the Snowlands, Nova Albion, Bay City, the Heterocera Atoll, etc. Our mooring rates are: L$1 per prim/LI for up to 100LI, Or L$0.9 per prim/LI for 112+ LI. For example: 50 prims/LI (minimum) = L$50 per week 75 prims/L
  25. Clementina, Clyde, Jessie, Rodeo and Tahoe are all waterfront regions that are close to significant SL locations. These include Governor Linden's Mansion, Clementina Park, the Ivory Tower of Primitives, the Jessie Wall, Steller Sunshine's beanstalk and the Fallen Giant, the Bay of Space Pigs, the Forest of Kahruvel, the Sierra snowfields, Chalet Linden, etc. These are wonderful areas for exploring. These are also areas that you could call home. Clementina Estates has furnished houses for rent. They are available as waterfront homes or sky-homes with ground-level access. Prices start
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