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  1. I am looking to hire a manager for Islar Emporiums FB page. Your job will be to manage the site, and post any news I may give you to post. This may be offers, events, pictures and so on. Its a demand that you know how to operate FB well, and that I dont have to tell you things twice once we get started. The pay will be very modest in the start, but as the emporium grow, so will your pay. Please send me a NC to me inworlds, with your details containing age, experience, preferable examples of pages you manage. If I am interested, I will contact you for a job interview within few days. The FB page is not published yet. Follow my picks inworlds to see my stores, and to get an idea of what I am doing.
  2. Hi I have had a pretty long break from SL (6 months) but are now back. Earlier I have worked as estate manager and sales agent at 3 of the big actors on the estate marked. Further more I have been hosting at a few clubs (I dont do adult clubs). Family oriented clubs prefered if a host job comes up. I can build, but its not my strong side. Preferable I would like to start at the real estate business again, but other jobs may have interest too. I speak, and write, fluent English and danish. Understand some German. Send me an IM or a nc if you have something to offer me, or you just want to know more about me. Carlo Islar
  3. I am starting a pretty big apartment rental up (32 units), and I am looking for a place to be able to offer my tenants a competive priced place to have their boats, as I am not at the oceanfront. I imagine something like offering them places with 30 prims. We can discuss any business model, that will work for us both. My rentals are placed at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laurier/48/139/49 Only seriouse propersitions will be considdered. Kind Regards Carlo Islar
  4. As I am starting a new business I need a good logo designer. Before I hire you, I will like to see a few samples at your other work. As it is a business starting up, I dont have a lot of Lindens, but I will be willing to pay you 1,000L for a good design. 250 upfront, and the rest at delivery. Please contact me inworlds if you are are interested Carlo Islar Islars Imporium
  5. Not much pay for having to stay on your sim for hours
  6. Sounds like CasperVend or something like that?
  7. I am soon launching some buildings i have made, and want a place where people can rez demos. Maybe a 4096 skyplatform. Any recommendations on which rezzer i shall use for my costumers to be able to see my products? I hope this thread is allowed, else admin can just remove it.
  8. We now have all the staff we need. Thanks to those who have applied
  9. We are a newly opened, huge club, that only wants the best. So we are looking for one, very experienced host, that will also be able to teach our less experienced hostess how to work in a decent and high class club. Normal pay for events is 200L and 80% tips, but depending of your qualifications you may be able to earn more with us. If we do get along very well, and we see you fit in with us it might lead to a club manager job later. Please either leave a reply here, or contact me in worlds if you are interested. Then we will set up an interview with you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Duck/153/111/116
  10. Please contact me inworlds so we can set up a time for an interview
  11. Club SkyHigh is a club about to open the 21st of October. I intend the club to be a friendly place where all can feel safe. It will not be a family club encouraging child avatars to come, but they will not be kicked either. The music will range from pop, country, blues to soft rock. Nudity or offensive language will not be tolerated. Below the Club there are 18 Apartments, all very nicely furnished. And at affordable prices. I am looking for DJ´s and hosts. Please send me a nc inworlds if you are interested. Tell me about your experience, interests in SL, former job experiences and also why I shall choose to hire you. You are of course also welcome to contact me to hear more about the place, and the job. I don't have much money at the moment, so the main part of your salary will be 100% tips. Please visit the Club here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cranberry/247/26/128 Take the elevator to 10th floor. (there is a meaning behind our name)
  12. We are looking for DJ's and hosts for our new club. We are very active when it comes to attract traffic, and getting a huge group for the club. We are a family friendly club, meaning that we do not accept nudity or bad language. Child avis are very welcome. You need to be outgoing, friendly, polite, honest and also have a good looking avatar. If hired, you have to accept if we say you have to do something to your avatar. DJ´s have to use voice. Both DJ's and hosts will be called in for an audition before we put you on our schedule board. You will keep 100% tips. If interested, please contact Carlo Islar inword for a talk.
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