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  1. I hate the new viewer it is a bad idea. I liked things they way they were before like in viewer one and old viewer 2. This new display text is also a very very very bad idea. It was a stupid thing to allow. Now griefers can take someone else's name and use it instead of their own and get someone in trouble or even banned. Did anyone at LL even stop to think of consequences of any actions they have taken into their hands to allow things such as noobies for griefing and covering one bug with another. I mean come on now SL now has more issues than WOW which is really bad. Let us not forget LL wants to condense everyone's first and last name and give the name resident to everyone's account. Enough is enough you need to stop, think, and analyze what you are doing. This may be just a game, a virtual world for you to escape to but stop making bad decisions. I could have prevented LL from making so many mistakes. I am smart maybe to smart sometimes with compys, but there is so much wrong with the grid, the viewers, and the list could go on and on. I can fix it all but I don't think philip would allow me to. There is so much going wrong in SL but no one seems to fix anything the right way but only to make it worse. WOW has taken away from SL so much with the new improvements and 24 hour surveillance and everything they have done to make it so much better even up to having a graphics system better than SL. But than I also want to say I hate WOW it is like compucrack. Once your hooked you can't stop, but me I hate WOW either way. I want to love and enjoy SL but there is so much that has been ruined and changed for the worse it is insane. I want to have a wonderful experience but it seems things have well...gotten outta hand with all these outrageous problems and just doing things but never taking the time to think about the consequences. You have to remember...will this drive others away from SL or will it draw them in more. Like take money for example, now almost impossible to make enough or even get it. More people are broke on SL now than ever. I see sims fall and clubs close. If things don't improve or change for the better I can see SL falling down and turning into the failed DBZ online rp where no one even plays it hardly. Bad part is Counter Strike Source and WOW have now increased dramatically just within the past year. I don't want to see SL fall, I want to see SL overtaking and getting up in the top 3 best played online games ever. Please LL fix things for the better. I want to see you rise up higher and higher. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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