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  1. Problem solved. I have forgotten to set the teleport route to landing point. Ignore this topic...
  2. Usually, when you set the landing point of a parcel, the direction of the view is also determined. But that just doesn't work for me on a mainland parcel. Are there any problems known or has anything changed?
  3. I have tested the new Second Life HTTP Viewer version today. All what I can say is: That's awesome! The new viewer is fast, faster, much faster! I have seen speed increases, which I would never have thought that's possible. Thank you Linden Lab! It's just a beta viewer but the new viewer completes the changes that LL has made in the last few months, comprising CDN, keepalive connections and HTTP-Pipelining. Read more about it here. At the moment CDN is not used in all regions. But you can test it for example in INSILICO. Install the new viewer from here, clear your viewer cac
  4. gmx.de, web.de, mail.com and 1und1 are all part of the same company, United Internet. And only this providers are involved. If you change your provider all works fine again.
  5. It's not a SL problem. All 1&1 email products work no longer. That includes mail.com, web.de and gmx.de. If you switch to another email provider, everything works again. Maybe a support ticket to 1&1 helps too.
  6. Since today, my parcel in the region Coquine is complete out of the search in SL-Viewer and Firestorm. The "live" search in Phoenix or Singularity works. But in the "new" and "old" search of the SL-Viewer and Firestorm, no search item of the description of the place will be found. In the region settings the search is not blocked and in land info the search is activated. I also have changed the description of the land, nothing. This problem appears, without any changes in the settings. Yesterday all was ok, but on tuesday we have had the same problem: We were back
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