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  1. Oh and as a sidenote: My account page shows all my contacts as offline. But I know for a fact that this isn't possible.
  2. I also can't connect since about 3 hrs. Were able to be online for hours before though.
  3. I've continued testing and it seems it's Mail provider related somehow. 1&1 and GMX had this issue, AOL (aim.com) works flawless as soon as I changed the Mail in my SL settings to it.
  4. Do you guys think it's a Linden Problem or one of our Mail Providers? And how can I contact Linden in this matter? They hide customer support quite well...
  5. Does anybody else have this problem lately? Offline IM's, IM's from scripts and Group Notices aren't sent to my Mail anymore. I've checked the settings in the SL preferences, as well as in my account, have all second life Mailings on my Mail Account Whitelist and also checked my Spam. Marketplace Mails get still to me, but no offline notifications from within SL anymore. Has anyone suggestions what else I can try to make them work again?
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