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  1. thanks tex i,ll try that. im on singularity but im sure the same applies to those settings plus i could easily switch to firestorm...although i had the same issue on that viewer too. Perhaps one day i,ll solve the mystery of the IM voice
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this so itl pobably get moved..but anyway, for a long time now only my local voice chat has worked....i can voice in local perfectly fine. But anytime i try have a private IM call...i can hear the other person fine...but they cant hear me. I've looked many times for fixes...found a few but they haven't worked. Has anyone else ever had this happen and managed to fix it? Or any ideas on what might be causing it? Its been driving me insane for so long id love to finally get it fixed :D
  3. thats happens to me aswell anytime i rez something with the wrong tag on. it seems to be gone but i relog and its right back in my inventory again
  4. iv tried switching viewers etc but its the same thing. i voice in local sl voice all the time with no problem..but cant have a voice call in IM with anyone. the person on the other end of the IM call can speak fine and i can hear them..but they dont hear me :( Any ideas greatly appreciated :)
  5. no Cool VL doesnt have the option. i have just changed to singularity...it has the option and i posted a pic onto my feed oddly though...im not able to load other peoples web profiles...but i was able to on Cool VL I,ll figure that out myself in time lols thanks for your help
  6. thanks charlotte...i saw that post before...but when i take a snapshot..i dont have that post to feed option by the way my viewer is Cool VL....firestorm doesnt work for me...it crashes me and my broadband....im thinking my viewer does not have the post to feed option..which is pretty lame
  7. this is a silly question...but can Anyone tell me how to share photos on my sl web profile...i dont see an option to on the profile itself or when i take a snapshot...its driving me insane now any help appreciated! :D
  8. hiya mike and welcome to sl im on sl 6 years now....and i can tell you a large amount of conversing is done in IM....while you see lots of avis standing around seemingly doing nothing theyre actually talking in private. local chat can become very sparse because most are engaged in Ims....but theres places i hangout where local chat flows nicely....it all depends on the place youre at. i help new players get started..teach them the ropes so if you ever need help with anything...or just want to hang with someone who Will talk...feel free to IM me
  9. heya willybenz....im not sure what exactly the help you need entails...but decor & landscape is my thing in sl...so IM me inworld id be happy to help out if i can
  10. thanks girls great info im looking at the sites you both posted......also since i posted this question iv actually ruled out the laptop i was originally thinking of....realised it wasnt good enough for the price....so now iv found this one....if i could get your opinion on it. its €900....but im getting it for €850 if i buy http://www.toshiba.ie/laptops/satellite/l855/satellite-l855-149/
  11. i have thought about that myself....figured it was a low end radeon card...and i wasnt impressed with the i3 processor either....now that youve said it i probably wont buy this one. im going to look on the pc world,currys & harvery norman websites now.....il go to dublin to buy it if i have to. i had thought of buying it online but wasnt sure i should trust not seeing what im buying..but il look into that too now. my budget can be anything once i save enough...iv currently got 700 but can save longer if need be. thanks alot for the advice
  12. sorry Nyll my question got all srewed up for some reason...heres what i actually asked lols Just about to get my new laptop on wednesday..now i know desktops work better all round for sl but im not a fan of sitting at a desk. OK so basically my question is will SL run efficiently with those specs.....im not fussed about running on ultra or high settings..as iv only ever ran on low with crappy intel integrated graphics(how i can even log onto sl right now i dont know lol) Even running on mid will be an improvement. Im slightly worried about buying it and seeing no improvement in the graphic quality..its on sale for 600euros...still alot of money to waste. Any help appreciated
  13. Just about to get my new laptop on wednesday....now i know desktops work better all round for SL but im not a fan of sitting at a desk **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" />http://www.did.ie/toshiba-satellite-core-i3-laptop-c855-192
  14. Update: Issue Resolved hey thanks guys sorry im only seeing this now. Yes it was only on the Cool VL my laptop wont run any other viewer ( 6 years old integrated graphics lol getting new one soon) Yes I know of Henri and his forum....which is completely useless....i tried 5 times to register to the forum to ask for help...each time it would claim to send me a registration email which i would never receive. I checked Henris profile in sl..on which he states he will Mute anyone who asks for help.....so yeh i wasnt at all impressed. I eventually fixed the issue myself by installing an older version of the viewer. I,ll have a new laptop soon with radeon graphics and can go back to using firestorm thankfully!!
  15. iv been using Cool VL Viewer for over a year with no problems. Logged on today it was fine for hours then i did a relog and couldnt get back in....my viewer wouldnt load....so i re installed it...logged in and now i crash when i try tp....every time...so i literally cannot tp. This never happened before is there anything i havent set right or something o.O
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