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  1. Octoberville is for me the highlight in SL, each year again and again : friendship- fun- crazyness and much more ! I want to thank everyone for playing their part in that little mysterious town . Espescially the creators of OV !!  
    I also thank everyone who voted for me so i became Queen of Octoberville 2010, truly an honour, it gave me goosebumps when i heard i was elected and i will cherish that moment forever  :-) !!!! I do hope i didn't dissapointed you !

    I wish i could play Octoberville 24 hrs a day, so i could meet even more ppl and could be part of the big parties in Crowbar, but unfortunatly i can't because someone divided this mudball into timezones, ahahahah. I know those parties are big fun ! I also wish that Cherub, Master Kaos, Nathan and all those who were so busy in rl this year can find some more time next year, with you there is even more fun, i missed you this year, thinking of the fun we had in the past :-))

    I do want to make a little remark about choosing the new king and queen of Octoberville. I would prefer a secret voting and with that i mean that we can't see who will be the next Queen and King of Octoberville untill it will be announced at the final party.Wouldn't that be more exciting ? I think it would, but ofcourse, it's just my opinion.

    Elise ^^ 






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