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  1. No Steve, that's not why. it is my understanding that a certain Trek group (who will remain unidentified here) decided to harbor & use copybotters. point blank simple.. not for a new movie, not for their own gains... As for Trek RP in SL.. I have been in world since 05/2008, and quite frankly, the same stories, adventures are constantly being rehashed, and new rp is not given a chance, I personally have tried getting my own ships started, and have been met with dismal failures. Trek RP is dying, and if it has not it is dead already, the major fleets out there, basically pimp one, two, maybe three a week, let alone encourage new rp's ship based, station based it's all been done before, I could name one group of the top of my head, but I choose not to identify them, has a space station, that at any given moment is vacant, and dead. In it's wake, is left groups of "brown nosers" and yes men who do nothing but quench the thirst of a power hungry individual(s), the major groups barely offer any sort of rp activity, and when they do, it's quite simply a bang, bang shoot em' up mission with the Romulans, Klingons, or another species, or the Borg. I have given up on Trek life in SL after the 15th incarnation of the USS Essess reared it's ugly head with it's dime a dozen captain who loves to godmod, or run it their way, Another thing that is killing trek in SL is the way the "fleets" are managed, I could name one that for the longest time harbored ToS violators, and continues to harbor copybotters. This particular fleet could be somewhat likened to fictional Hazzard County, the rural setting for "The Dukes of Hazzard" you have your power hungry Boss Hogg figure, being supported by his Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (the dimwitted one) I moved away from trek for my own reasons, which partially have been listed above, and have found a place where I can rp as something else where the storylines are never the same, and there is a strong potential for growth. and this post is not meant to call anyone or any group out.. I am just inputting my $0.02 in the matter
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