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  1. I don't like the web profiles at all. If you want to look at someone's profile inworld, you only get the most basic info and then only after an interminable wait, the other option is to click out of SL and look in your web browser. The problem there, is that while you are looking at someone's profile in your browser, perhaps checking out their picks.. you miss whatever is going on around you in-world. i have had more than one person think i was ignoring them, when i was simply off in my browser and oblivious to the world around me. I was a profile perv and found lots of cool places by checking out profiles and picks, now it's so clumsy and awkward to do, that i just kind of look at the lil info pop-up which really doesn't give you all that much info on someone. I think web profiles actually end up hurting SL because I know i am less likely to engage with someone beacuse it's simply too time consuming and requires too much effort to click their profile inworld, then cllck to see it in my browser, re-login into the my.sl.com page, copy & paste their name, delete the space, add the period, and hit return. It definitely causes me to read alot fewer profiles which ultimately means less resident interaction. Is that really the goal? And on the subject of my.secondlife.com, since that is were we now interact to enable things like seeing us online, or on the map, or edit our stuff, shouldnt our friends list be available there, instead of requiring us to again have to copy & paste some of those more tricky names & spellings? Web profiles definitely do NOT improve the resident experience and certainly discourage interaction amongst us. Can't we have the old profile format in-world and the web profiles, that includes our friends list at least, on the web? or even more simply, hyperlink our friends on our dashboard?? DUHHHHHH..
  2. Viewer 2.4 seems ok, tho there are several problems with it. You lose the arrow to "Go Back" on the profile page, so you can't change groups, or see your friends list or nearby people without having to re-log. The mini-map does not provide accurate altitude information The sound is regularly screwed up as has been mentioned Other than that i have found it to be ok as Viewer 2 goes...
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