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  1. Thanks, Alwin, but a didn´t understand what means "let LL take it down".
  2. OK, It´s not a Mainland, but a estate, full estate. But I don´t know why in my case there isn´t "Abandon Land" botton. It's the reason I'm here on this forum.
  3. Hi Moira, thanks. It´s a full mainland sim. It´s not showing the "abandon land" button. I´ll contact support to LL, but I prefer to make a ticket because I need to document this cancel.
  4. Thanks, Lisa, but there isn´t this option on my "About land". I came here on the forum for this reason.
  5. I´d like to know what procedures I must take to return my island back to LL. Thanks
  6. Estou com uma dúvida semelhante. Tenho uma placa AMD radeon 6800 e quando ativo o lighting & shadows (deferred rendering) no Phoenix e mesmo no browse Oficial, aparece uma sombra que atravessa a tela. Gostaria de saber como eliminá-la para seguir usando esses recursos. Sim, qdo desativo os comandos a sombra desaparece. Meu sistema operacional é windows 7 64 bits.
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