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  1. You're welcome! Too bad we aren't any closer to a solution
  2. Ah, I realize I wasn't being super clear, but this isn't a vehicle like a car. This is a WWII ship which was 119 meters long IRL and was scaled down to not lag up a sim and also to ensure that it's not insanely cumbersome in combat and normal sailing. Right now, "normal" size AVs look fine, and you have the option to deform yourself to fit inside the hull if you want, but I'm dreaming of having half scale AVs manning the half scale guns, walking the deck, etc for RP purposes.
  3. Hi folks, bit of a specific question here: I've found a vehicle that, due to the nature of the SL engine and sizes of sims etc, is modeled in half scale from its RL counterpart. I am curious as to whether there's a half scale AV anywhere that I can use so I can be proportional to the vehicle while I am using it. I know about Yabusaka petites, but those are 1/3 scale, I am specifically looking for 1/2 scale. Thanks!
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