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  1. Hello, its been awhile (as in a few weeks) since I tried rezzing anything. But I just bought some new land and I was rezzing a new skybox... problem is whenever I attempt to rezz or build, I am crashing. I tried rezzing a cube first (so I could sit on it and move further up in the sky) and Second Life Beta Viewer crashed. Next I tried actually rezzing a skybox from my inventory and I crashed as well. So I decided to try Firestorm, tried both things mentioned above. I was able to rezz the cube and move up higher in the sky, but when I tried to edit the cube and make it into a platform, I crashed again. Since I just bought the land, I thought, maybe its a problem with the land? So I decided to go to a Sandbox. I am also crashing in a sandbox when I attempt to build or rezz an object. Otherwise I am able to use SL just fine, I can wear and detach objects without crashing, the problem lies when I actually attempt to rezz objects In-World. Oh, and I didn't have a problem a few days ago when I picked up and deleted all the objects from old home. I will try Second Life viewer in a bit, since I use Beta and the version I have or Firestorm is likely outdated. If you need Computer specs let me know. The most important thing to Note is that I am on Mac, using 10.7.4 (Lion). Thanks for any input I get. EDIT: I looked into Loon's solution, the JIRA-referenced actually mentions an issue with crashing upon logging in. I am able to log in and otherwise do most things in SL. But its when I attempt to Build/Rezz Objects that I crash. I tried disabling HTTP Textures though, and that didn't work. The latest version of the Second Life Viewer (non-Beta) that I just freshly installed is also crashing for me. It seems like its a server-side issue, not client side. Otherwise why would it be happening on three different viewers?
  2. Looking for a good acoustic guitar in SL. My main concern is a good build and a good animation. It'll be used primarily for RP so music is not necessary. I'm willing to pay up to like L$500 and wouldn't consider going higher unless the thing had a Demo I could try out. Send me suggestions!!
  3. Thanks, I'll see if that improves performance. Downgrading to 2.7 fixed the issue (in 2.8 making the prims full bright also fixes it, but obs I can't edit prims that aren't mine, so downgrading is the better option.) So I'm guessing this is definitely a bug with 2.8!
  4. Give your avatar a makeover? Never too late to do that! And if you need help, contact me in-world! I love makeovers. They make me feel like I'm in a teen movie from the 90s (a la Clueless.)
  5. Oh, ok. Well when my Internet stops being a biznotch I will attempt to download the previous version of SL. Any other suggestions still welcome
  6. You can't. If you want to live in private land, you're gonna have to purchase land or rent in a private Sim. But you can't "transplant" mainland to private land. More over, the name of the land you can't change. But you can change the name of the parcel.
  7. Hello! I recently got a new computer that supports shadows and I am still learning the basics of how they work. Now, I have a Mac running an ATI Graphics Card so I know these computers just recently started supporting shadows so its not all perfect BUT... I can live with the fact that I cannot turn on Ambient Occlusion and smooth-out the shadows but whenever I turn on shadows transparent prims disappear too! Now there have been times when I enabled shadows and the transparent prims are still there but most of the time they are gone and I'd like to know how I can turn them back on if possible. I have taken some examples and uploaded them to my Flickr... Shadows Off - There's graffiti on the wall! Shadows On - Graffiti is gone, great tree shadows o the wall!
  8. Right-click on their avatar and select Report. File the Report completely (make sure you fill it in with details) and Linden Labs will take care of it. You should get an e-mail you have sucessfully sent an Abuse Report. I would also consider Blocking the avatar, again right-click and choose Block this time.
  9. i downloadin it on my latop it said my vido card out ofdate or not staill rite i dont have 1 my laptop is old my widow is 2002
  10. Really? Honestly? Your post sounds like you're an old fogie who can't accept change. "Darn kids, where's my pie menu?!" Everything you mentioned is no bug, its a matter of preference. I personally dislike Viewer 1's interface, with it's million windows and how it saves everything you open to your Inventory (it also looks ugly, excuse me if I'm a Web 2.0 Mac-influenced psuedo-hipster that loves cool-looking things.) Linden labs is not going to change Viewer 2 at this point, if they were, it would've been changed... oh about SIX months ago when it came out. Time to let it go. Also about Display Names, you need to get your head out of your arse if you think griefers are interested in impersonating you. And so is anyone else who is paranoid about this new feature. It's not that hard to see who's who and as with anything and anyone, features will be abused, it's not a reason to not implement them. Again, old fogies. Everywhere. Time to let go of the old and let in the new.
  11. Greatly disappointed. I've been looking forward to Display Names for a long time, but it's not working. I installed the new beta and there's no wrench option next to my name when I go edit my profile. Display Names and usernames are enabled in the Preferences pane. I really was looking forward to trying out this new feature.
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