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  1. I bought an alienware and it will not run sl, now from what dell has tried i cannot even turn it on..............what is the best computer to run with sl
  2. I can understand what you mean by running win windows 95 but i cannot find the slplugin
  3. I just bought an expensive alienware and it has the best GTX 295 or higher and nividia 9800, and i can't play sl because it says I don't have media-plugin-webkit......what is the solution for this this is getting crazy tyvm
  4. I have had that problem for some time now, not being able to upload a picture to secondlife....
  5. about the alienware, I had this in mind too, to be able to watch 3d movies, also play gaming on the wireless tv connect with hubby....and then third most important to me but not hubby would be to play secondlife.......so would an alienware with a 580 card work with second life or would it be to much......gtx 580 ge force...nvdia....tyvm
  6. Is alienware best computer if you have the money and which one also does it have to have gtx580 card
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