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  1. I put in my credit card info and waited a bit then it didn't say that they were updating or verifying or whatever anymore so i thought it worked, so i went to buy premium and everything and it said "The system encountered an error while processing your patment information, please try again." I've tried like 9 million times.. I know all my info is right because well it told me it all was... What do i do?! :(
  2. When i try to all i get is "AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy: Policy expired.D876BE345ED79B01Cus1UmZ3pfaIk2qtpGLEUPYDB4ylEk+IBzzHUMYRvQWrxk6ysvyn2n6gFpMVJm0o" So i took a snapshot and i can't find a program that lets me open it in it and change it to .jpg :L i don't know what to do it won't let me upload any pictures
  3. I see outlines of things, like mountains, the ground everything! and it really annoys me i dont know why its like this! and im not sure how to get rid of them, i like to hang out at freebie island and theres 2 giant lines that follow me around and it really bugs me! anyone know how to get rid of them? btw they are the red lines..
  4. It says i cant change my display name till November 13th! why?!?!??!
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