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    Won't let me get premium?

    I put in my credit card info and waited a bit then it didn't say that they were updating or verifying or whatever anymore so i thought it worked, so i went to buy premium and everything and it said "The system encountered an error while processing your patment information, please try again." I've tried like 9 million times.. I know all my info is right because well it told me it all was... What do i do?! :(
  2. Megyn Malaspina

    It won't let me change my profile picture.

    When i try to all i get is "AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy: Policy expired.D876BE345ED79B01Cus1UmZ3pfaIk2qtpGLEUPYDB4ylEk+IBzzHUMYRvQWrxk6ysvyn2n6gFpMVJm0o" So i took a snapshot and i can't find a program that lets me open it in it and change it to .jpg :L i don't know what to do it won't let me upload any pictures
  3. Megyn Malaspina

    Im seeing outlines of things.. :/

    woow thank you SOOO much!
  4. Megyn Malaspina

    Im seeing outlines of things.. :/

    I see outlines of things, like mountains, the ground everything! and it really annoys me i dont know why its like this! and im not sure how to get rid of them, i like to hang out at freebie island and theres 2 giant lines that follow me around and it really bugs me! anyone know how to get rid of them? btw they are the red lines..
  5. Megyn Malaspina

    Viewer 2.3 Beta Available Today With Display Names and More

    It says i cant change my display name till November 13th! why?!?!??!