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  1. Solved! Thank you all for your support. I chose too small a niche. Moved it up to the main page of the category, and now I see it. Can't wait to see it perform! :)
  2. You are right, LittleMe, there are 13 featured items, not 8. That is where I expected my product to show. However, it only shows the same 13 items, not mine. Does anybody have an idea who I could ask about the listing enhacements? Somebody must run that stuff. I am sure there is an explanation for this.
  3. The point is that there are only 8 products enhanced on that landing page, and mine is never one of them. I'll see what happens after 24 hours, but I pay for 7 days... amd that's one spent without any benefit.
  4. All of the above makes sense, however one topic is not sufficiently explained imho: does my listing enhancement show at all? I paid for a week to show my niche product on the landing page in the category "art". Now after 10 hrs, I keep reloading and my product NEVER shows up. There may be hundreds of listings... in this category, the same line shows up every time, after each reload. The same products, in the same order. That seems very strange... what could be a possible explanation? I visited the category page with different browsers from different devices. Same product line on both.
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