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  1. I have a little place in the Jeogeot gulf and a parcel next to mine came available so I bought it. The tier stayed the same so all was good. I wanted to join them together with my current and it kept saying I could not as two different owners. My original was under my group, and the new parcel was just my name. So I put my original parcel up for sale for 0 to myself and on purchase it said I was going to level up on tier.. I agreed and figured once I got all under one name It would reset at the previous level. Well, that didn't work out well. Any suggestions?
  2. You rock..thanks. I did find a cluster with a wierd name and had a pirate ship and aircraft parts! Even tho all in my living room..but now safe once I clean it all up. Yay! Thanks again.
  3. A few days ago we had a griefer running around our property. A couple days later my pirate ship with all items on board vanished including my Intan 41 dance controller and my NHC TV media receiver and all furniture too. Also most the work on an aircraft I was working on. The weasel left a single prim belonging to him on the ocean floor. So, we cannot leave expensive items on our land? How is this even possible. Nothing was returned to lost and found..or anywhere in my inventory.. Is there anything that can be done? The loss was very expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Decker Darkthief
  4. Anyone know how to convert a snapshot taken in world to a texture?
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