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  1. Well that makes a lot of sense then, I appreciate you guys responding to let me know I'm not just crazy.
  2. Hello all, I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this. I've been getting an error for the past two days where Second Life profiles will not load for me. I get this: https://gyazo.com/0cdf1a654d9c9b1c1fd2830d81caa2ec. The problem is that I've tried accessing profiles online via firefox and edge, still no dice. I've even tried accessing them via my cell data to see if it was just my home connection. Nothing. I've asked my other friends but they seem to be seeing the profiles just fine. Is this happening to anyone else? Thanks for any help you guys can give me, -Az
  3. that really helps Ethan, I appreciate you responding so quickly and with exactly what I needed! You're the man, I searched for a few hours for this but no one could recall where the parts might have come from. For others who stumble upon this thread and might be curious, it turns out there's a ready made skybox made from the parts as well: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Triple-Chamber-Castle-Skybox-with-Dungeon-Basement/6142347 Cheers, man!
  4. Hi guys, A few years ago I happened to stumble upon a very nice looking prefab at the old Nox Arcanus sim. The sim has been defunct for a few years now, but I really want to hunt down the main building that was used for the mansion. I've included a couple good screenshots of what it looked like. Any sort of statues or furniture weren't part of the main building. It wasn't a skybox, but a full on building. I'd appreciate it if any one of you could point me in the direction of who used to sell this! https://gyazo.com/f545a2c5027073aa5d00f678d1651f49 https://gyazo.com/37ca8b1dc3694e013cda8af8d1efd40a https://gyazo.com/2674489b53e18ad7e5ac063eea378d88 Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! -Az
  5. Unfortnutely I lost my maya skeleton a while back. I went to the old threads to try to dig one up, but found that the website linked no longer exists as the same website. I was told there was both the skeleton and a nice skeleton with controlers that could be used for animations. Anyone have one of those they could send me? Or anyone know of a link that still works to download them? Thanks, -Az
  6. Hi all! I'm looking for applications to up and coming hunts, especially ones with a fantasy theme. I've tried searching for this on the net and the results are pretty convoluted. Most of what comes up are already in progress or done accepting applications. I am also looking for fantasy bloggers who may be interested in blogging about some fantasy prefabs. Check out http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mad%20Ninjaz/106/165/2880 for an idea of the type of stuff I build and would like blogged. I'm more than happy dishing out free version for good blogs. Any help with these would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance -Azriel
  7. I lied... didn't fix a darn thing. Its just stretching on the opposite side now.
  8. I think I solved the problem. There's a door that's recessed in the highest LOD. I have a flat imposter door for all the other LODs. I figured putting a really tiny tri where the door recess was would be good enough. I left two faces of the door and now it seems to be working fine. I really appreciate your help man.
  9. I re-uploaded using LOD 2 as the main LOD, it worked fine. No odd popping or streching.
  10. Yes, with each LOD I froze transforms and deleted history. All the values are zeroed out. I also did the upload several times trying to get it to work. I'm stumped. Thanks for any help ahead of time.
  11. Yes, all of the parts are joined into one big giant mesh per LOD. All of their origins are in 0,0 space. When you say CTRL+A, are you talking about blender short cuts? I'm using Maya.
  12. I'm frustrated with my LODs. I'm making modular hallway pieces. LOD 1 is totally aligned and fine. But once it snaps to LOD 2, one side of the entire model streches to the side. Behold, pictures: Picture of LOD 1. You can see the walls are aligned perfectly on each side. Suddenly once it pops to LOD 2, the one side like stretches out of line... yet the other side stays aligned. Another angle where you can see the one side correct... then the other side streching out of wack. I've tried different things. Putting a really small tri on one side to ballance the model. Tried it on both sides. I just can't figure it out. Anyone else have an issue of this and come up with a fix?
  13. Thats definately not the issue, but thanks. Tried it, still the same junk.
  14. Satu, can you link us that skeleton? Thanks!
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