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  1. Hello I'm vanda and I am a Digital Artist. I work editing Second life/Imvu Photos, drawing and creating every kind of texture. I don't have clients for now, I have been out of work but now I'm back, so I decided to use the second life forum to share my work. Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152596992@N06/ you can see what i can do and this is my best SL Edition (My favorite one ): And Here: https://wolfysomething.deviantart.com/ You can see my Art and Imvu Photo Edition. Imvu Commissions: https://wolfyartvenus.tumblr.com/ [This is for anyone who plays imvu]. So if you
  2. Onde pego as roupas mesh? No meu blender não aparece lá ''avatar'' em add. O que devo fazer?
  3. i'm in object mode in blander and my avatar doesn't appear to add. I have no clothes mesh, where can I get them? I have many doubts. Please answer me. http://i.imgur.com/sMTo5.jpg?1
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