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  1. My primary has divided objects by type into 2 boxes, and it's over 100 in each, but it still seems to work. *shrugs*
  2. I agree that it doesn't matter whether it's votes or views. But I think this success was more down to residents riding this thing hard, ARing and sending screenshots and generally staying on top of it like crazy, and I'm proud. *sniffs* Now...last time I posted, I didn't see my badge background. Why? *pokes it*
  3. Normally, you can't. If it matters, ask. However, they could make a mistake, such as when I was on my male alt (well, fellow alt) and said something like, "/me puts her glass down." Of course, that may have been more a case of thinking like I was primary, who's female, rather than my human, who's female.
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