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  1. Caitlin, I'm pretty sure that at least some of the items you describe are already against the rules. See this page: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#adult-guidelines Particularly the part about "Banned Content". I'm sure that at least the part about rape you mentioned, is against the rules. Thank you for the link. Unfortunately even though it is banned rape is listed as forced sex, forced sex is just semantic wordplay for rape as if it is forced then the one being forced does not want it. Nothing consensual is forced so every mention of forced sex by the definition of r
  2. I would like to add: if you are trying to update web profiles and make them accessable online .... provide a way to search for people by RL location (especially by city). IMVU does this quite well. There is a wonderful dating potential in Second Life, but by the time you fall in love, you realize they're in Croatia or something. Give us a reliable way to meet local singles! Nooooo!!! That is insanity. Have you seen some of the twisted shit in SL, items sold as BDSM that would kill someone, like guillotines that make the avatar headless, axe beheading and impaling "scenes," all combined w
  3. Hey all, Sounds like you have a lot of really great feedback. I encourage you to log the bugs in JIRA and/or to participate in the Viewer 2 User Groups. That way, you can discuss your experiences and recommendations directly with the product owners. Thanks! A problem with that is you can not put viewer 2.5 as the bug or problem on Jira and we have seen how much attention is paid to the Jira for anything that is not affecting LL being able to get more money. In general to the facebook thing, I don't want anything about me connected to facebook, I already had problems with a stalker from b
  4. I have learned numerous photo editing programs, 3d applications, cad applications, audio and video applications and rarely had to look at the manuals for the ones that have an interface that bears a resemblance to windows / mac os / x-windows / solaris / irix and the 1.2x and 3rd party viewers excluding kirsten's are very intuitive to anyone who understands the basics of the standard interface apis of any of these GUIs. Viewer 2 is not, it gets scathing reviews because it departs so much from intuitive it had to take an effort to figure out how to make it so cumbersome and use so many windows
  5. Yeppers, typical internet company, try to attract new people but at the expense of the existing users. I don't want my profile searchable from google considering that then someone can redzone your IP or get it any number of ways considering content is http served from many places other than LL servers. It makes someone who is not mainstream society more vulnerable to hate crimes especially if someone can see what groups people are in from a web search.
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