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  1. Thank you very much for your answering the questions posed at the session. I have two questions with regards to the new user experience, one question regarding target marketing, and one about general positioning: A) As a result of the A/B testing that you've been conducting during the new user acquisition process, what specific (or general) things will you change in Second Life - after registration - that you believe will improve new user retention? B) What are the most important things you have learned from your testing of the new user experience in Second Life that you will apply to Project Sansar? C) is there a target market - that you feel is under-represented in Second Life - that you will be specifically targeting for Project Sansar? (e.g. corporate, health, or education sector, etc.) D) Lastly, a bit of a general blue-sky question, if you could cite the number one problem that virtual worlds solve for people, what would you say it is? If you'd rather respond to any of these questions privately - you can reach me at canarybeck@gmail.com - thanks for your time, I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi Xiola, What a great idea to spread the meetups across the grid. You might remember visiting with us at Basilique last year, when you participated in one of our early chat salons. I would love to help you host a meetup here if you like: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Our%20Island/112/123/24 I think the Piazza would be a great place for it
  3. Oh how nice of you to choose my picture! Thanks so much!
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