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  1. Thank you Ansariel, but I see her regulary and she insulted me last night (saying that she/he is a great builder on sl, she/he has several stores ...); or is it possible that she use a specific viewer ? she can put and remove prims on my land too (even if she is banned) ... It's the first time that I see this on sl
  2. Hi, I can't see the name of the creator of the prims on the land of my neighbor and it's the first time that I see that : how is it possible to do ? Thank you for your help. Lilyan
  3. Lilyan Arcana

    Billing problem

    Hello, On january 15th, I abandoned two 512 sqm lands for to buy 2 others lands from Murdoch (512 sqm each, so same size). On january 17th, I sold one land (512 sqm) to Joseph Lowenhar before to buy 1 other land from Linden (512 sqm). There was no increase in sqm, never. But my invoice on february has increased : I paid 149,50 USD (125 without VAT) instead of 89,70 USD (75 without VAT). I called the billing department who said that I should open a ticket for claim. How do I apply for a regularization ? Thank you. Lilyan Arcana Carrick (63, 116, 53)
  4. Hi Lexie and thank you, but all those who have left a comment have also clicked on kudos without result ... it's easy to see the difference between the number of comments and the number of kudos.
  5. Hello, A first friend voted for me and it was ok, but now my others can't and have this message " you can't give kudos by this post". Thank you to help me !! :smileyhappy: Lilyan Arcana
  6. Hi, since the last upgrade of SL2 i can't see my land how what it was, i crash a lot (several times each day, and instantly) and i don't receive my purchase from MarketPlace (or sometimes, after several hours) : what can i do ? it's really crippling for my daily activities ... Thank you for you help. Lilyan Arcana
  7. Hello, I would like to buy a parcel of 256 sqm in Carrick (8, 139, 61) : if i can have it, i'll buy the other next wich is for sale by Linden. Thank you. Lilyan Arcana
  8. After hours we still can't access to our land in Glenboon (200,64,2) : we called some friends but they said that they couldn't help us because it's the mainland. Who can we contact directly for our problem ? it seems the sim needs to restart ... Thank you for your help, we would like to go home .... Lilyan Arcana
  9. I gave a little part of my land to my group (we are only 3) to add my partner with me but now we can't use the prims for the rest of our land; in addition I lost some expensive items !!! how go back, so that the group return the land to manage the prims in their entirety ? should we abandon it (but we paid)? we have a store and it's really a problem. Thank you for your help.
  10. Hello, i would like to buy a land next mine, but only 1152 sqm max (or 1024) : this land is for sale on 2048sqm, and i would like a square behind our land. Abandoned Land - For Sale, Carrick (47, 152, 60) Lilyan Arcana (now LilyanMac Linata)
  11. I'm building a house and I have lost it (it has disappeared from my inventory) : my fiance took a copy but now we can't modify it and we can't copy it too (and I have some parts on my inventory). What happened ? and how to change this: we had almost finished ... Thank you for help, Lilyan Arcana
  12. Merci beaucoup, il s'agissait bien d'un problème d'attachement : tout ça pour une paire de bottes !!! Et j'en ai profité pour mettre mon viewer à jour. Bonne journée, Lilyan
  13. Bonjour, à chacune de mes nouvelles demande de téléportation je reçois le message suivant : "Echec de la téléportation. Désolé votre demande de téléportation n’a pas aboutie assez rapidement. Veuillez réessayer dans quelques minutes".
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