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  1. Even though I haven't started playing, Rockers, Punks, Metal-Heads, Goths, etc... is there anywhere I should keep note of for places to socialise with the afore mentioned types of people for I myself class myself as a Metal Head and would love a place to hang out when I first start off to get me going with people I can easily relate too.
  2. khoeler

    Band merch...?

    You have a valid point septimusminimus and the "James Hetfield makes your day too by microwaving your pet." made my day, even just on the forums I'm having a good day, let alone the game (need a better system). :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. My netbook can handle Aero, with 7 Ultimate and still does for W8 and I didn't pay for it, I'm not hating on this game at all, it seems so good so I'm just going to hang up and save up for a better system and I promise you will see me around, thank you all for your help, I owe you. (Jobs = money to spend = start my own buisness (thinking guitars) and hiring people). Lets start a massive company! :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  4. Darrius, I have downloaded and installed said program and also ran it and it says SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S) so I assuming my CPU is compatible. Edit: I have now installed Pheonix and still nothing is coming up, is it just better to wait and save up for a new system?
  5. khoeler

    Band merch...?

    Is the creation of official band merch that some of us wear these days allowed to be created and used within Second Life? Even if you have licensing from said artists/labels? Because I would love to have my avatar (when I can actually play the game) to look just like me and I have a LOT of band merch like hats, hoodies, jumpers and shirts.
  6. The RAM or CPU cannot be expanded as it has that type of motherboard that doesn't allow upgrades as such apart from driver updates (which are all updated to the latest versions).
  7. @Jennifer, thats the thing, this was once an XP SP3 system which I then upgraded to 7 Ultimate about 2 months ago and now to the W8 developers preview.
  8. In reply to mikka Luik, I am able to run such software like Reason 5, Audacity, Amplitube 3, WMP, Chrome, MixPad Audio Mixer all at once with it lagging only a little bit, Reason 5 is rather dependent on CPU and RAM so I tend to use that alone with no other programs open apart from Chrome (I need to socialise somehow :mantongue:)
  9. Indeed I do but it is my mothers, I'm saving up for a laptop anyway as I am also a recording artist and in dire need of a faster system to be able to handle all the CPU hungry programs I need, especially when running them all at once.
  10. Hey, I am new to Second Life, I have never played the game before and have only heard about it and am considering it now as it seems like so much fun, but I have run into a problem, I signed up, downloaded and installed both the standard SL viewer and the third-party Firestorm viewer yet neither of them are opening when I double click them on my desktop, I am using an eMachines netbook, specifications are as follows: CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz RAM: 1.00 GB Operating System: Windows 8 32-bit Developers preview (yet I can run other software only available for the lesser operating systems). Please bare in mind that I have limited knowledge about computers, I have tried to run them in compatbility mode for various systems and still nothing, I have updated all my dirvers to the latest versions and again, nothing, please can you can help me as I would rather much like to play Second Life, thank you.
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