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  1. Hi, i am too looking for friends, please PM me
  2. Am interested in hosting, if you can get back to me in world, ty
  3. I wasnt looking for love Jerimiah, just a companion in sl, i done all the love bit already..
  4. thank you all for your imput... Guess i'm gna close this thread, thank you, and god bless....
  5. Hi, i'm looking for a companion here in sl, im looking for someone a lot like myself, someone who is true, sincere., and loyal, someone to share my lands with, someone to share my sl with, it dont matter if you are married in rl, cos we can seperate the two, am looking for someone to share this sl with me, is all :) anyone interested in doing this, let me know...
  6. Im fiercely independent, and have never, or never will depend on anyone, i have my own finances, always did and always will, im looking for a companion is all )
  7. i think u are all right, and i think im living in la la land. Me, myself, really doesnt think that such a guy exists,, ty for all ur comments, i take them on board ) x
  8. Ok, i been there, done that, and now im looking for a cuddle buddy, i'm looking for someone who wants SLand fun only, not someone who wants sex, im not ruling out nothing, but at the moment im after a sl companion, someone who is willing to share my sl, someone to share my land, share my experience here, i am here a while, and as i say, been there done that, im looking for a true sincere guy, not a liar, someone to share my sl with, im not ruling out rl, but someone whose willing to share this fantastic journey with me, and someone to have fun with, not only fun, someone i can converse with
  9. Hi, through this post i have found the most fantastic guy, and, i probably wasnt clear when i said a non sex r/ship, what i meant was a r/ship where sex was 'not our top priority'. Anyways, we found one another, so, i guess that this post is closed,, ty so much for all ur advice and help!! :smileyhappy:
  10. sorry, i didnt elaborate, i was using virwox for a few months till one day i went to log in and it was frozen on me, so, i went to Xchange4Ls, they were great, and i have been using them ever since, both for their service, and their customer service is awesome, hope u get sorted hon..
  11. i filled in the name of my avi, and my paypal, i havent had an issue since, and my lindens are sent immediately,, i use Xchange4Ls now, cos virwox froze on me when i logged in, but Xchange4LS are great, i never went back to virwox
  12. i havent found any downsides, cept they take a euro per transaction, its worth it so i can get my lindens, LL were messing me around big time, so i moved, and never looked back
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