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  1. Future Real Estates main office has been opened since 14-07-2013. We have parcels are available for rent with good prices and no lag To visit our main office, please follow this link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Future%20Real%20Estates/105/125/24 To looking our rates and info follow this link: http://www.sl-rental-system.com/vacant_property_display.php?company=30 For more information, please contact us: Owner: Shab Aelberts Support languages : Danish, English, Arabic Manager: Candy ( oocandydoloo Resident ) Support languages: Arabic. English ============= Future
  2. Hi and welcome back to SL community. I own regions on SL inworld called: Future City. We have good friends and teams, and we working, enjoy and have fun. If you are interested to be part of us, please contact me on SL Shab Aelberts
  3. Hi Greeki I want to explain you, it's not a necessary to have friends who is 100 % native american, but most important is, when people can speak and understand english, it can be real friends. Actually I have friends from different countries in the World, especially from USA and Europe. We do funny, stories, and organizations on SL. If you are interested to know more, please contact me on SL. Shab Aelberts
  4. Hi, and welcome back to SL community. If you are interested for somethings you would like to enjoy and have fun on SL inworld, please contact me: Shab Aelberts
  5. Well, welcome to SL community. We have lot of friends and teams they always coming and have fun in my city on SL inworld. If you would like to be part of us, just IM me on SL: SL Name: Shab Aelberts
  6. There are 4 shops are available for rent in Future City right now Shop 70 prims = 400 L$ / week Shop 100 prims = 600 L$ / week Shop 200 prims = 1200 L$ / week Big shop ground floor 400 prims = 2700 L$ / week When you rent one of shops, we will send a group invitation as 'Renter' . And you can also to create a new notices in our group. To visit the city click on: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Future%20City/105/178/23
  7. In fact I want to tell you all also about new people ( whether copybooters or avatars with basic accounts ) they have a program to copy lot of items and they can sell them in a very cheap prices on marketplace, and one day i asked someone how they can design and sell items in cheap prices. They told me they have a program to copy and steal any kind of stuff and sell them without any problem, and they told me also if they will be banned by LL, so they can create a new avatar and join SL again and doing in same way. That's why I want LL to take more serious about this issue, and then they can ch
  8. Communities, organizations, and business must to have balances, for we can give more chances for business partners to stay on SL, or Linden Lab will always lose there customers if they give chances to newbie's and avatars within a basic membership to use marketplaces as there stores or they will sabotage more and more if they make lot of stuff for free or very cheap prices, and the reason is: Create a new marketplace is almost for free but it will be paid 1 - 2 % commission to Linden Lab. And therefore we see lot of tenants on SL in world close there shops in any sim, because of no selling. So
  9. Actually we have paid more than 1000000 L$ until now and most we paid for events, rental regions and advertisements, but we get no profits and returns of money back, and we make always troubles and differences with business partners, and all things we have because negligence of Linden Lab Support, and they don't care about this our situation and we try always to be patient until they can replay. And I think the best solution for us and other of business people: Linden Lab Support should to change the rule for using of marketplace. And as I wrote the first beginning it was about Excessive use o
  10. Good evening This is not a first time we get a complain from one of best creators on SL about not get selling of items on SL in world in some regions, because of lot of newbie's/ new avatars come and join in SL, and then they use marketplace as there stores even there membership are basic. And we lost lot of good tenants in our regions/ homesteads, because of there are no one visit shops in world like before, and they prefer always to buy items from marketplace for very cheap prices. And the reason is: Excessive use on marketplace and no more cost than a store in world. And therefore we see lo
  11. تعلن افتتاح اول مستشفى عربي للتوليد و الجراحة في السكند لايف بعون الله تعالى و بإدارة مميزة تشرف عليها الدكتورة Farasa Resident و التي حصلت على شهادة طبية بتفوق اليكم بعض الصور لزيارة المستشفى في السكند لايف اضغط على هذا الرابط : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entrepreneur/194/18/21
  12. طالما كثر عدد الهكرز في السكند لايف سواء كانوا من قبل بعض اصحاب لاندات او مجرد مستخدمين عرب يلجئون الاساليب الخاطئة و المسيئة للغير ، في هذه الحالة يجب عليَ ان اتصرف بطريقة اخرى على اننا سنحذر لكل مستخدمين في السكند لايف و بداية ترسيخ الخطة ستتم سرا لفترة من الوقت و بعدها تنفيذه علنا قريبا بإذن الله تعالى اخوكم شاب سوري
  13. لابد من اصحاب اللاندات العربية بالتفاعل في هذا الموضوع الخطير و الا الهكرز يستمرون بتدمير و اختراق و سرقة كل المعلومات ما دام الليندن لاب لا يحظرون الاسامي و عنوان الجهاز الخاص بهم الذي يسمى بـ IP-address و المشكلة عند الليندن لاب انهم لا يستطيعوا ان يعملوا بسرعة كبيرة نظرا لكثرة عدد المستخدمين للسكند لايف كما ان لابد من تبليغ لسلطات مكافحة جرائم الانترنت عن الهكرز الذين يستمرون في التخريب و السرقة ، و هناك ايضا قانون عقوبات لكل من يتجرأ على تعدي و انتهاكات خصوصيات الاخرين و هذا موجود تقريبا في كل انحاء العالم و بالاخص في السعودية و دول الخليج العربي
  14. كل مرة نتعرض للاختراق و سرقة الافاتارات و تغيير البيانات سواء عن طريق اوبجيكت او سكريبت ملغوم مما يؤدي الى اختراق اجهزة الكمبيوترات و سرقة باقي معلومات و من ثم دخول برنامج السكند لايف و يعمل ترجيع كل الاوبجيتات الذي موجود في اللاندات الخاصة بهم و مسح كل شيء بداخل اغراض الافاتارات الذي اسمها بالانجليزي : inventory كما ان الهكرز يستخدمون عضلاتهم و انتهاك خصوصيات الناس بداخل السكند لايف و نشر كل الروابط مثل اليوتوب و الصفحات المزيفة التي تشبه صفحة السكند لايف و الماركت بلايس هذه احدى شكاوي الاشخاص الذي في السكند لايف: ------------------------------------------------- انا اونر فى لاند Red city1 يق
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