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  1. A spot on response. And, the quality of the wireless connection has a high potential for interference both from nearby EMP generating appliances and other devices that will slow wifi speeds, or even cause the connection to drop entirely. Plus, run a WiFi scanner application, such as "Wireless Diagnostics" (built into Mac's Network framework), and see all of the Wifi networks, connection types, and channels connected in your area. Wireless Diagnostics generates a report and will identify the best channels to set on your router or cable modem / router network(s) - whether 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz. B
  2. While Apple stated that the new MacOS High Sierra 10.xx will run on older Mac's (including laptops, iMac, and of course the monster Mac Pro), this latest OS upgrade does consume more resources that the previous Sierra and much more than the predecessor El Capitan. Launch the Activity Monitor utility and take a look. I believe Apple said High Sierra would run on computers as old as 2009. HOWEVER, any Mac older than say, 2012 will be challenged - particularly when attempting to run the hoggish SL viewers. I was fortunate and fiscally able to max out my current late 2013 IMac with the b
  3. It is the sim server that you are on.... either restart the sim or get the owner to restart. just happened to me today and the owner restarted the sim. problem solved ;-)
  4. It has been awhile, but I am still around. Welcome and best wishes on your new endeavor. If ever you want advice from an oldie and many more who have known and experienced SL for many more years than the others posting on here, I would welcome the opportunity.... Here is to you and and 2011... E.
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