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  1. I am going to say this slowly; CBS does not care about your profits - it's chump change to them. It would cost them more money just to pursue the case, than you would have made (many times over). The entire notion that "copyright only matters if people are making profits" is bunk. If I make "X", and you decide you like "X", so you make a version of "X" - you have infringed my copyright. I can control whether you make copies of my works. And that's what it is all about. Copyright exists so that the copyright holder can choose what is done with their work. When you make copies of it,
  2. Seamus Stormcrow wrote: I'm looking for someone to go into the fashion industry with because I can't draw. However, I can come up with ideas for items to sell and sell those items. The thing is... the people that can draw, can probably come up with ideas for items to sell all on their own. Ideas are easy. Execution of quality goods...not so easy.
  3. Songlord wrote: Kill the fan base and you kill the franchise. Oh dear. Do you really think that CBS clamping down on it's intellectual property is going to kill the franchise? That's just the kind of hyperbolic nonsense that drives these kinds of arguments. I was a fan of Star Trek long before fans created content in Second Life, and I'll be a fan of Star Trek long after you delete your prims in righteous indignation. And, so will you.
  4. Perhaps you should try a more conventional method of trying to get free advertising for your hunt. A hunt is not an event - it's a marketing ploy which several merchants participate in for the sole purpose of driving traffic to their store. It occurs over a period of weeks, not hours, or even days. And it doesn't occur in one place. If you get to post your grid-wide hunt as an event, then I get to post my store-wide sale as an event.
  5. First off, a copyright violation can occur regardless of whether or not money was involved; simply the act of copying someone else's intellectual property is enough for you to be violating their copyright. Secondly, a company can decide to do whatever they like with their intellectual property, and owes you, the consumer, nothing. Quibbling about a company protecting their intellectual property is outright silliness. CBS is clamping down. They are within their rights to clamp down. Create your own intellectual property, and you won't have a problem. You are not entitled to anything th
  6. My Marketplace shopping cart won't open, and "Buy Now" only adds the item to the shopping cart. I have tried different browsers, clearing my cache, I even tried it on a different computer altogether (my iMac). This is troubling, to say the least. As it stands, I can't buy anything from the Marketplace.
  7. Does this mean that someone could compile the source for multiple processor use? I am not certain, but I don't think it works that way.
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