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  1. I agree, It just happened to me, the plot it is on is to the north of the museum and didnt kick me even on that land, seems to be set to warn only but u havent had any problems with crasing
  2. Just visited the sim, good frame rate, time dilation ok, Ping was a little high but i have had far worse with no problems, The message you got syaing you had 10 seconds to leave does sound like security orb though, but i did walk around most of the primiter without a warnig, coudl be someone had a badly adjustes one on a neighbouring plot that has now been removed or properly configured
  3. I get the same symptoms when i forget to turn off my movelock - you havent by any changejust got mystitool or some other hud with a movelock recently?
  4. The problem is not age verification, but the age of your account, some places such as clubs will not let accounts that have been made for only a few days to access their area i see your account was created on 10/1/2009, give it a week or a month at most and you should not have any more problems HTH WereWoof Message was edited by: WereWoof Schufang : To translate Typonese
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