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  1. Thank you for your responces, I suppose if it's a server update then there's nothing I can do about it.
  2. Recently I've been experiencing some very odd symptoms here in SL.  1.  I've turned into a slow faller.  It takes me forever to get down stairs anymore (no it's not my net connection, I swear I checked.) 2. Even with the run option clearly on, my avatar moves in the walk animation and doesn't go any faster than a walk. 3. Certain sims (3 and counting, both Mature and Adult) have slung me to a spot on the sim upon landing, and I cannot get out of the spot.      What's very interesting about being stuck is that there are no ban lines around me, and no clear property lines indicating that I'm in a certain spot for a reason.  I cannot fly up and down, I cannot move left or right.  I can get stuck in a falling animation loop, which sucks. Yes, I am adult verified, so presumably it's not that causing me troubles.
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