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  1. Baloo Uriza wrote: Anaiya Arnold wrote: The customer is always the source of income. No source of income = no solvent business. The customer, right or wrong, is the source of a business's solvency. Whatever they know, their satisfaction and opinions are a core concern of anyone who wants to get their money. If you're not paying, you're not a customer. You're not paying for the viewer, ergo viewer matters aren't customer issues. Wrong. While Linden Labs offers the viewer for free, and a partial expereince in SL for free, it becomes a customer matter when a viewer is NEEDED to access paid products, I.E land owned, items purchased using any kind of real money funding. Any time REAL money is exchanged for land, products or services, (includung peer services as first real money has to be exchanged for ingame lindens through LL, and nearly never comes back out of game, and when it does, it is at a fee, thus peer sales are a profit for LL) then ANY REQUIRED tool for obtaining/using these products and services, even if free, becomes a customer issue... PERIOD. As for everyone using Emerald as an example, it is a mute point. it has been a mute point, and has ZERO berring on the current TPV situation. When that situation arose, it was dealt with, and Phoenix was born, fully compliant to its rules and regulations. As far as a degraded experience by those who do not use a viewer with enhancements... that is your PERSONAL choice to feel like some kind of martyr. If you enjoy using LL viewer, then do so. How does it degrade your expereince knowing others may have more features viewable on their viewer. it does NOT impact your personal expereince. It does not change your expereince. All it does is make you kick the dirt and say "well, well, THEY can do this.. it isnt FAIR.. mommy make them STOP!!!!". And again, pulling the broken down, mute "well, emerald did this way back when under different sets of rules governing TPV's, before they complied fully to newer ones and became phoenix" is just sad. That is all you people have. LET IT GO! its OVER.
  2. Perhaps my view on this is a bit... over simplified? But quite honestly I dont understand this LL decision from a business standpoint. LL creates SL and a free viewer, makes the viewer source code open source, free TPV's are made, increasing customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to the customer being on SL more often, thus spending more money on lindens/land/marketplace... and when LL introduced new features and a new compatable viewer, compatible TPV's were made which helped LL keep their customers not only while they worked out the immense number of bugs, but also with the massive shock the change brought for many customers, which may have otherwise left SL and taken their real money with them....and now as far as linden labs sees it, this is a BAD thing? It is a FACT... the more satisfied a person is with their expereince, the more they will return to that experience, and the more they are willing to spend on it. So honestly what does it matter if a TPV has more use because of greater functionality?! That simply means MORE people will find what suits them the best, and will PAY MORE for their experience. My bet is the Phoenix/Firestorm users vastly outnumber the LL viewer users, in fact I dont know many long time members, those who spend big money on big lindens, to use LL viewer because it is relatively unstable and less user freindly. This seems far more like an ego thing. Like a child crying because no one want to play with their toys, but wants the better toys of the other kids... instead of at the least taking pride in developing the source code that the other viewers were created from. I have seen people say it "levels the playing field" because some have better features than LL viewer. It is simply a matter of choice of FREE viewers. I dont see why it matters if there is a "level playing field" when at any time a person can CHOOSE to switch viewers for free and have all the functionality they want to quash. This really is nothing but 100% ego from LL, to the point of hurting their own bottom line. Not too bright IMO. Happy people spend more on what makes them happy. upset or frustrated people see a growing waste of time, and find some better use for their money. But I suppose money means little to a business, as long as they can take the other kids toys and break them, loosing all their little freinds in the process of their outburst. But that is just my two cents.
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