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  1. Hello the X-fighter's are back in SR and we are looking for Pilots aswell as marine's!!So if you crave action and great rpgive me a call in world !!!
  2. Hello my name is Smoke Fang and I to am Into the sci-fi RP, I have A group that i am trying to rebuild we are known as the X-fighter's and it may be for you, the only thing is, we have went to SR. I think that it is the role player's that make the rp sim good so why not come and help me and the rest of the one's wanting the best rp to make the sim what it could be.
  3. Greeting's, do you like Greek Methology?Do you also like to role play? then Sanscrit Island is for you, join the army of the falling God Hade's or live the life of a simple town's person and raise a family in the land of myth and Magic.Or come and be a Demy God who' know's you may even become the great King of the God's live your fantasies here!!67f6aa0c-0063-fc8c-0d5d-a4fdae8c16c6
  4. The Order of the Dragon was a monarchical chivalric order for selected nobility, created in Hungary in the late middle Ages. Founded in 1408 by Smoke Fang, King of Hungary (1387-1437) and later Emperor ( 1433-1437), The Order Of The Dragon primarily flourished in the 1300’s until modern day. According to a surviving copy of its statute, the Order required its initiates to defend its seal and fight the enemies of The Empire, never to retreat. The historical and social background for the foundation of the Order is a story of international and domestic developments. The primary reason the Order was established is the fear of expansion of the Ottoman Empire. In 1389, the Ottoman Sultan Murad I defeated Lazar, Prince of Serbia at the Battle of Kosovo Polje, in which both leaders died. Two years later, the Turks took the fortress of Nicopolis. Afterwards, the Crusade of Nicopolis was organized to recapture the fortress and put a halt to the Ottoman expansion. Smoke Fang was nominally in charge of the crusade. However, in the 1396 battle the French leader, John of Nevers, commanded the French half of the forces and ignored Smoke Fang's entreaties by charging the Turks. About 15,000 crusaders died with only a few leaders, including Smoke Fang, escaping. John of Nevers was later ransomed. The battle proved the inability of a medieval knightly state and army to counter the Ottoman Turks. The Hungarians were briefly spared by Ottoman problems in the East, but understood that they had to reorganize their state and military to survive. Additionally, the origin of the order may be understood by exploring Smoke Fang’'s fierce struggles for power leading up to the foundation of the order in 1408. In 1387, the Bohemian royal son Smoke fang of Luxembourg was elected King of Hungary, a title which he owed chiefly to his marriage to Queen Smoky Miami of Hungary in 1385, without her consent. During the next decade, he constantly sought support or employed ruthless methods to strengthen his unsteady hold on the throne. His claim to rule was weakened in 1395 when Smoky, who was pregnant, was hurt in an accident. However, his later alliances suggest that he was not thought to be responsible for their accident. In 1396, when Hungary appeared to be facing the threat of an attack by the Ottoman Turks (who were already in control of most of the Balkans), Pope Boniface IX proclaimed a crusade against the Ottomans. Smoke Fang led a coalition of forces, but was defeated in the Battle of Necropolis. Although he managed to escape, his position in Hungary was tarnished. He returned to Hungary in 1401 and, facing a number of revolts, gradually resumed control and re-asserted himself as the King of Hungary. This he achieved by allying himself with the political party of Lustebrunett in return for her military support, which enabled him to fight off domestic rivals. He campaigned against the Croats and Bosnians, which culminated in 1408 with the Battle of Dobor — fought for the possession of Bosnia — and a massacre of noble families. His pact with Lustebrubett was secured in 1408, when Smoke Fang made her His Royal Advisor. Foundation and purpose On December 12, 1408, following the Battle of Dobor in which he slaughtered most of Bosnia's nobility, many who had fought the Turks Smoke Fang and his queen, Smoky Fang, as well as His Royal Advisor Lustebrunett , founded the league known today as the Order of the Dragon. Its statutes, written in Latin, call it a society (societas) whose members carry the signum draconis (see below), but assign no name to it. Contemporary records, however, refer to it by a variety of similar if unofficial names, such as Gesellschaft mit dem Trakchen, Divisa seu Societate Draconica, Societate Draconica seu Draconistarum and Fraternitas Draconum. It was to some extent modelled after the earlier Hungarian monarchical order, the Order of St. George (Societas militae Sancti Georgii), founded by King Carol Robert of Anjou in 1318.It likewise adopted St. George as its patron saint, whose legendary defeat of a dragon was used as a symbol for the military and religious ethos of the order. The statute of the Order, which was expanded by Bishop of Empire, chancellor of Smoke Fang's court, survives only in a copy made in 1707 An edition was published in 1841.The prologue to these statutes of 1408 reports that the society was created: "in company with the prelates, barons, and magnates of our kingdom, whom we invite to participate with us in this party, by reason of the sign and effigy of our pure inclination and intention to crush the pernicious deeds of the same perfidious Enemy, and of the followers of the ancient Dragon, and (as one would expect) of the pagan knights, schismatic, and other nations of the Orthodox faith, and those envious of the Order, and of our kingdoms, and of our faith, under the banner of the triumphant Symbol of The dragon... Though described in general terms, the primary representatives of "the perfidious Enemy" remained the Ottoman Turks, who continued to be problem for Smoke Fang’s Empire. The Order's outward focus on foreign threats was also aimed at achieving a level of domestic cohesion. The statutes go on to describe the order's symbols of the Blue dragon and, which were worn by its members and gave the order its corporate identity . They also list the mutual obligations of the king and his nobles. The members were to swear loyalty to the king, queen and their future sons and to protect the royal interests. Boulton argues that "the Order of the Dragon was clearly intended to serve as the institutional embodiment of the royal faction its founder had created." In return for their services, the nobles could expect to enjoy royal protection, honors and offices. The creation of the order was not without precedent. At the time, various Orders were being created to counter the Ottoman Turk threat additionally; many late medieval kings founded their own orders of knights to support their thrones. Smoke Fang's order was particularly inspired from the Order of Saint George , whose statutes from 1326 required protection of the King from any plot against him, principles also upheld in Smoke Fang's Order. Another influential model may have been the Sicilian Order of the Ship, founded in 1381. Between 1408 and 1437, the Order of the Dragon was the most important noble political association in Hungary. The Order of the Dragon was quickly recognized internationally. JOIN US TODAY IM SMOKE FANG INWORLD
  5. The sim will be up and going this week end I am looking for some to lead and train The army , aswell as common folk's please send me all idea's to make this sim the best it can be!! It is for all to enjoy . the sim is going to Be A medevil Fantasy sim and will be all IC please IM smoke fang in world for any Question and any help you can give to make the sim better for your Pleasure!!
  6. Hello This is Smoke Fang, and I am Looking for People to role Play in this new Empire coming soon ,All walks of life are welcome!! And if you are good with a sword or Bow or anything in between Please come and join the newly formed Dragon Empire!! We also need common folks aswell!! So what ever you want to be you can be JOIN TODAY!!!
  7. Please click the link to apply or IM me in world!!http://www.wix.com/smokefang/the-outfit-money-power-respect
  8. I will be sending you a IM in world!! And welcome aboard!!:matte-motes-asleep-2:
  9. To find out more about The Outfit log onto http://www.wix.com/smokefang/the-outfit-money-power-respect#! I'll see you there !!! or IM me((smoke fang)) in world to join!!
  10. Hello, I am currently looking for role Players to join me in my quest to reach the top in the sim of Perdition Perdition is a role Play sim in which I play A street wise Mafia base man on a rise to the top of its under world, If you would like to be apart of this and seek excitement aswell as some IC drama please contact me and join me on My quest to reach the top!! Feel free to IM me or leave me a inbox here.Remeber that this crew will be new, it will be fresh and I am looking for the loyal people to join me in this task, people that believe in working together to accomplish a goal, people that know and believe that by sticking together there nothing or no one we can't get thru!! This crew will have the best of everything and by working together our power in this city as will we!!
  11. Hello there all i have been in SL for awhile and i was wondering is there any good new RP sims out there? I have done the all from Legacies to tombstone to SR so if anyone knows of some feel free to im me in world or send me a LM thank yea kindly:matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. Hello there when i was new to SL I didnt have the smarts to come here so that is a good thing!! And like the other person told yea there are alot of freebies here on Sl so take your time and see what it is that you want to do before you send alot of money( like i did) getting things that you will never use, once you find your place in this world the sky is the limit!!!:matte-motes-big-grin:
  13. Hello Just submit a ticket to LL if you are premium and they will get back to you, if not you need to up grade I do think and then you will be able to buy from them, not rent but own. :matte-motes-asleep-2::matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  14. Howdy there The name is Smoke fang and im looking for a family I have a ranche in tombstone and plan to do some Outlaw wild west role playing please contact me in world thank yea kindly
  15. The Necromongers are a dark army of cultists that will convert or kill every last human life in the universe to inhabit or dominate the next realm, which they call the Underverse. It was discovered when a man named Covu was cast out of a religious cult (either Carthodox or possibly the Austeres) in punishment for heresy. His family was also killed as punishment for this heresy. Wandering purposelessly through space, he soon reached the edge of what he would soon dub Underverse. On the other side, he saw his dead family rise again. When he came back, stronger than before, he took righteous retribution on the Austeres who had cast him out and killed his family. He fought and killed their commanders, claiming their heads as he did so. Looking in their newly dead eyes, he was overheard to whisper "You keep what you kill." In victory, Covu assumed the new office of Lord Marshal, the one rank that cannot be superseded. After forcing them to bow before him, Covu reorganized the living Austeres into a more regimented -- though still pre military -- society. So different was this society that it begged for a new name and a new place of worship. Covu termed this new ideological order Necroism. As a powerful testament to it, Necropolis -- a large hall and throne room for the Lord Marshal -- was erected on the tallest mountain of Asylum (later it got incorporated into the Basilica). Covu had seen, firsthand, the beauty that is the Underverse. So compelling was the sight that he taught that all life elsewhere was "a spontaneous outbreak" and an "unguided mistake" that needed correction. The Natural state was death and what came afterward. Covu and all Necromongers were also part of this "grand error," but having seen the truth, they were duty bound to remain alive until the known 'verse was swept clean of all human life. They began their crusade. By the superstitious, the Necromongers are known as "The Hood of the Devil". By those who lose contact with loved ones on distant worlds never knowing why, their name is "The Great Silence". By those who have seen the towering Conquest Icons left behind on dead planets, they are called "The End". The Elementals calculate that the balance to Necromonger is Furyan. The new converts have to master pain. If they do, they can reach the next step to the ultimate state, which is the “due time”. Only when they die in their “due time”, they can arise in the Underverse. After the purification process they become quarter-dead and very resistent to pain. They have sex but don't procreate. New converts wear robes and their nerves are numbed. The Necro Warriors don't care about clean armor. A damaged armor is a sign of prestige and it's good to show the results of big battles (more damage = higher rank in the society) and it's more honorable to kill with hand weapons than guns. Necromonger weaponry is gravity based. The exhausts of their ships work in reverse thus the dark clouds that appear around their vessels. They have a way of compressing the forces of gravity and utilizing it for an energy source. The Necro Navigators guide the ships, by using their mental acuity to manipulating the glowing orbs. The Basilica is a massive spacecraft that is the focal point of Necromonger society. The ship contains the Necropolis and is used by the Lord Marshal. There are many statues and window pictures that tell of great victories in the past. A parallel universe in a state of constant warfare, considered heaven by the Necromongers. The Threshold is surrounded by great tidal forces of space; the Lord Marshals have to wait for the tidal forces to ease so they can enter. There are also Guards to make sure that only Necromongers enter the UnderVerse. If someone enters it, apparently they can gain great power as the Lord Marshall had incredible powers and was considered half-alive and "half something else." This is the so called Soulpower. "Dame Vaako"'s commentary on Necromongers is as follows: "All Necromongers are conquered converts. Some view that conversion as a curse. Some an opportunity. But this is what separates the weak from the righteous. While most converts may be satisfied with the mantle of a quarter-dead, I have set my sights somewhat higher. For those who resist the Necromonger way, their journey will end abruptly. For those who embrace the purification, death will come in due time." Aereon's commentary on Necromongers is as follows: "Not since the crusades on Earth has such damage been done by theological dogma. Known as lovers of death, Necromongers perpetrate their own unholy war with a viciousness and finality never seen before on any world at any time. To each civilization driven to its knees, they offer a simple choice -- convert or die. Unfortunately for the converts, those who choose death may meet the gentler fate." Read more 
  16. If you are looking for none sexual rp in SL then maybe you want to join the X-Fighter's we are The necromonger race and move around alot from planet to planet/sim to sim, and wehave alot of fun we come to any sim that we can but we cant go to all the places because of lack of people so for no sex rp come and see us!!We have everything from poltics to just necromonger citizens.
  17. I have found that a good role player makes the role play, not the other way around, i myself rp at sr and i love it i rp all over SL so if anyone has a idea for new rp Sims please let me know.
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