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  1. i've been trying to get my girl pregnant and nothing happened,and i dont want to buy a baby i want it to be as natural as possible,so please is there a place or a menu for me to ejaculate inside of her. we want to do this so bad please help us.
  2. jeffric509

    about land

    i'm a premium member and i have a linden home, now i want to upgrade my land but i dnt want to use my linden home i want to use another house in the land what should i do? please
  3. jeffric509

    about buying land

    my girl and I want to buy a land but we dont want to deal with the real estate people.is there anyway to buy the land outright? we want to own it not rent it and pay tier/week
  4. I want to be hired as a RP. I'm good at it in rl and I'll give the customers a great great time. So if there any opening just call me, i will love to join and earn some $L. Jeffric509
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