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  1. Hello, Is it possible to temp rezz an object while an avatar is detected were the object is on a sub parcel Owned by Group and wearing any level in the the group tag ? An example would be as shown in the below image. I would like a small building to rezz quickly and be able to enter it in the sub parcel, stay rezzed while being occupied and when the last avatar leaves it de-rezzes after lets say 10 seconds. This building would also have some simple furniture in it which must rezz and de-rezz along with the building. My thought would be a simple rezz-box (Builders-Buddy script) but modified to activate with the detection of an avatar within a set distance not touch. In the image, I am guessing the smaller prim (detect prim) may be needed and attached to the larger prim to control it since the main prim (building) is on a sub-parcel. Any help with this task would be appreciated, Thanks GEE  Thanks Rolig
  2. Hi folks... I just did a 24hr plus marathon workin on this issue. Hopefully I will find a safe way of adding the ia32-libs back into the new 13.10. Be Very careful with just adding ia32-lib it may trash your Ubuntu 13.10 install. Upgrades of the older Distros should / may work. I have tested and retested with a fresh install of 13.10. Meaning that I cleaned the hard drive out each time. You can look at this WIKI but be warned.. The proper ia32-lib should be ia32-lib-multiarch. That is for the newer distros of Linux. ia32-lib is old. I was able to repeat the 13.10 blow up each time with the old ia32-lib install. Now this may be just my system here. Again... Be careful... http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/ia32-libs-in-ubuntu-13-10 If someone does find the proper way to use the Multiarch without adding a repo, Please let me know in world or via Firestorm Support Group. If I am mot there ask someone if they can find me. TC GEE McAuley
  3. The logic of the distance limits was explained to me today. Also what was stated was that some of the older computers cannot go above 64 for a viewing distance. Well it is time to move on with those old clunkers. Also what was mentioned was that there were issues with builds spilling over to your neighbors sim. What I gather that was fixed with the region settings. Parcel encroachment, To see if it's enabled or disabled use "get allow_return_encroaching_object" To set on /off use "set allow_return_encroaching_object true/false" "Set allow_return_encroaching_estate_object true/false" http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Parcel_encroachment So as you can see the Sim encroachment issue is an old issue and fixed. I was about to state that I can live with the extra step of unlinking a prim for a repositioning in a linked set and leave the bug as a blessing for us builders. My tune changed after talking to some wise and seasoned people on the subject. So now I ask, can we get the issue fixed ASAP and then look into making the link distance further with the proper changes? Why I ask for ASAP, this way I can see what breaks in my build before it is a customer relations disaster. Also for those builders/merchants that did not even notice the bug won't get a surprise when things fall apart at the seams. Remember if it wasn't for us builders, SL would be flat lands with dust and tumbleweeds blowing around. Cue Theme from: The good the bad and the ugly.
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