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  1. frame rate -- for all I know -- reduces the frequency a Viewer screen changes ? and what else? Anyway I can now use string IDLE = llGetEnv("region_idle"); in a 10 second timer ( instead of llSensorRepeat ) to tell me if anyone is within range. Set all my birds and fish to NON-PHYSICAL and STOP RUNNING all scripts. Reverse it when IDLE in timer drops. What do you reckon otherwise ? What does lower frame rate do to llMoveToTarget?
  2. Error opening file for writing C:\Program Files (x86)\Second Life 2.6\zlib.dll ABORTED ! Looks like its because of an orphan SLVOICE.exe still running.
  3. After the auto-update from 2.5 to 2.6 atlease the HEAR VOICE FROM AV POSITION became FROM CAMERA POSITION and SNAPSHOT window "MORE" needed to be checked whereas before the SNAPSHOT window was expanded by default. Also where is the BLOG on 2.6 Release ?
  4. JIRA WEB-2024 --- please vote I gave up looking for decentEVENTS under GAMES/CONTESTS cos its the same old, same old, crap listed here . If there are any new interesting EVENTS under this category they are totally lost. I'd be NEGATIVELY filtering EVENT NAME every time in one of MY FILTERS (if I could): PHOTO TREASURE HUNT TRIVIA ZYNGO MACHINES FISH WORD GAME BIKINI BEST DRESSED YOUR NAME PIZZA BEST IN and a few more Then of course LL will banish Event Listers who may resort to misleading EVENT NAMES in order to circumvent this. Won't you? Actually Event Listers need to be forced to include keywords in the NAME of the event if they were in the DESCRIPTION of the event and were on LL's list of COMMON KEYWORDS (that would at least include most of the above and many more no doubt) See VWR-483 VWR-13032 ================================================================= I estimate that by excluding NESSIE, DANCE, PARTY, BULLRIDING, MODEL, GREEDY, COVERGIRL, NUGGETS, KABOOM over 95% events would be eliminiated from the EVENTS/Games/SEARCH RESULTS — almost all of them REPEAT or junk events! Unfortunately there is maybe 1/2% of the remaining 5% worth attending, probably, but if GOOD GAME EVENTS can now be found – perhaps there will be many more, NEW or QUALITY GAMES/CONTESTS listed? =================================================================== Please implement COMPREHENSIVE FILTERING
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