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  1. i've had some issues with my mistress with this considering she's a gentle soul with a lot of shit on her mind/shoulders. she's considered leaving a few times, but friends/SL family of hers persuade her to stay for the most part. she tends to disappear for a few days from time to time (probably playing sims 3 or l4d2 with friends.) but i personally have never iexperienced someone leaving without a note or some sort of reason for them saying something like "real life is getting really bad right now i need some time off" that's usually the last i hear from them. i'm not on a huge amount myse
  2. i'm just going to come out and say it.... unless someone else has access to her account and its really owner operate. a good chance is that she's probably cheating on you there. i see it al lthe time and my Mistress has seen it way to often in her 3+ years of being in second life.
  3. i beg to differ about the 16 year old not knowing what she is doing, most 16 year olds know more than you think they do. trust me my little siblings in RL friend was on SL at one point and she got reported for being underage she came right back on another account... also at the original poster: if you catch them screwing each other then you can report it... but until then... you really have no valid proof really what they do.
  4. This sounds really shadey all around. So the stuff like this can work out I mean my Mistress is collared/mated to her two best friends which happen to be her mates and they are together in RL, BUT they both know about what's going on and yada yada. Myself am collared to the male that my Mistress is collared to. There really isn't no drama most of the time even with other collar siblings, but then again we know each other pretty well or we don't come on when the other is on. BUT in this situatiuon. i would get out.
  5. a good friend of mine has that in her about me pick. but she says something to the effect of "there is more than meets the eye!" type stuff
  6. i was a noob at the time and i'm kinda *points to the collar around hir neck* at the time my SL virginity was spoken for... now... i might actually do it for 20k just because.
  7. dry humping.. the new way to have sex publically... .just watch out and hope the kids aren't watching.
  8. my first life pick has an SL pick of my first avatar (well second) and one of the first picktures taken. my first life goes as i state: In my 20s, I speak English not chat speak, and Age Verified! I live in the US. Am I female? Am I male? Am I REALLY a herm? Questions Questions! Please do me a favor and don't look to hard into my RL. SO forget it. Its better left und said. butter!  That's all they need to know. i speak english, i'm in my 20s (rl age is known among friends), and that i live in the USA. i'm also age verfied.... do they really need to know my gender. no. i don't ever plann
  9. Hey there everyone. I’m sure someone has had their share of the back streets or the bowls of SL that everyone knows about but doesn’t talk about. I’m curious to see what some of your stories are weither it be a furry one, human, tentacle, demon, role play, whatever. You don’t have do disclose the name of the place if you don’t want to Or if you have had a friend/family member/pet/lover/mate/whatever go to one of these places. What was your experience?Was it really a bad place?Would you go back to it? I’m curious. I’ll share mine: I was new to SL dancing (freelance) at a yiffing place, and some
  10. do i believe SL is a game in itself? No its more of an online world or even a chat program.kinda like a 3d version of skype as some has put it. if you are a roleplayer then yeah i can see how it is used as a game, because you can do more here in an online roleplay rather than one such at WoW or Rift even. as far as what keeps me coming back to SL, its my friends that i have made on here. and my life that i lead in SL. its a place where i can be me.
  11. ya see... the issue with this is... just any old person can get the pregnacy thing and slap a guys/girl's name on it and call it is... even when the girl herself has been around the block so to speak. i feel sorry for you to be honest, and the only think i can really suggest is make use of the mute/block button and tell them to get the **** out and leave you the hell alone. family RP is one thing, but if you want to do it then go ahead but if you don't its not your duty to play in that roleplay. second life is what you make it. and sir... i'd suggest not whoring yourself out anymore... this
  12. i've danced at a second rate escorting place... *coughs*
  13. i don't really know much about the partnering system. I know both of my owners are partnered to other people, BUUUT i personally have and probably never will be. i just think that SL relationships as far as partnering goes, the average person partneres someone going 'that's my piece of ass... haha!" i do know that some people like content creators with some status or even a popular one partners or partners each other to keep the fangirls/guys at bay and not spammed with purposals.
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