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  1. when i asked you kindly in world if i can test the product in world.. told me you don't do that. and neither does any other shop owner. so i disagreed. you got upset. you blocked me just cause i don't agree.. i wasn't mean. i only disagreed .
  2. oo. i get it now . to me customer sevice is the product .. , in sl Something is going wrong evenually. i know a nice crearor. that made a sim with a AI animals. they are always willing to help, so by that idea. (bought a husky there full stars.) because i feel welcomed in there. and i bought my fiance a dog too. , and im gonna buy her bunny too soon. those people make me feel warm . and welcomed. if they were mean. and chose to block me . that to me means i will always think their products are bad too. cause if somebody is rude. it means i wont come back and buy more dogs ether for my fiance. not even the bunny.. lol
  3. i dont need them to send me a freebie. i just want to test a rezzed item in world so can see it funtcion. and this isnt cause i dont like them. They have a problem with me ! the shopowner was iffeded that i wated to see their item rezzed in world i dont want a freebie silly ! syn i just want them to keep ther items. but let me see them in world so i can test them.. so i know if i wanna buy it. if you think im trying to weasel out a free product. youi are as blind as she is. i just wanted it to be rezzed in world . The item in word still is her item
  4. they want me to rate the product. lets say i would rate the it 5 stars cause its cool. but it comes without instructins. then i rate it lowerr. .. and if a shopkeeper blocks me from contacting them.. That makes that item usless for me. it means that if there is ever an issue with it i cant IM them and ask them for support.. so why should i keep it seperate?
  5. also if i would be forced to pay for something withott testing. that to me would lower my own appeciaton of a product. i woud never rate her things low just to spite her . thats more the tactic of the person that has blocked me but if she blocks me.in world that also means if need help with it , i cant get it. so that would also lower my feelings about the products. I dont only give a rating on the items themselves. but actually mostiy the support behind the item cause form me thats more important than the item itself
  6. i dont wanna buy them, i wanna test first before pay money so i can know if they are good or bad, if they suit my taste. and requrement.
  7. i dindt need a demo sent to me. she merely needed to rezz 1 on world. so i test it. . thats the way most shops work. she told me that none of the shops work like that. she taked to her fellow creator, and they confirmed that nobody has nobody had shops in world. Well she was totally wrong. cause i do alot of testing inworld all my fav shops have a shop both in world and in marketpalace.
  8. her items are rezable in word i just wanted to test them first. i actually wanted to buy the more expensive one from her shop. her copy version. but when i asked that she got offended ? im the one that should be offended the way she treated me ! shes the one that needs to learn.from this. but i cant reach her lol some people are too easily offended. . makes me wonder , if she refuses me to test them in world. maybe cause she knows when i see them in world . i will hate them that seems to me the only plausibe reason she got offemded when i asked for a demo ! she knows her products wont sell , if people can test them in world shes gonna lose money !
  9. she can refuse to let me test. thats fine. but she got offended by me asking. she blocked me cause i wanted to test it in wold. who does that ? i assume she got super upset cause she knows if i test it, im not gonna buy it. . its like buying a car. i dont pay withouht a test drive, i hate wasting my money on items that after i payd them. are totally crappy quality cause as soon as payd it. they have it. my money.. and many shops in SL dont have a Money back guarantee
  10. i wanna know if i can be blocked from giving review ?, if somebody blocks me on sl ? 1 shopowner got upset when i askd to test products before i buy she acket like i was insane for wanting to test befor i pay for it. she blocked me from the shop and group. only cause i wanted to test before i spend my money shes a teerible shop owner.. so i hope my responses to the things i bought in her store. will still visible . when i give 1 star i want her to see it. shes totally rude.
  11. there is a huge lits of pacific. but none that have the name pacific stanard in it. a huge list of pacific timezones. none named standard
  12. i usually force loading one of my other avis.. that usually fixes it
  13. You are not a linden. Your answer of 'NO' holds no real value. Thank you for your opinion though.
  14. whether renting half a dosen boxes is a problem to me or not has nothing to do with my question. renting boxes.. thats the cheap 'escape route' to use when all else fails. __
  15. maybe call something like "scriptowner' instead of 'primowner' And have everybody have their own script.
  16. i never said that the OBJECT in the OBJECT needs to run a script You can just have 1 OBJECT have a script that works. (The magicbox script ) the 1 script in the 1 object can be made to be used by several alts. Understand now what i mean ?
  17. if one script can be active in 1 prim. Why not have 2 scripts runnin in that same prim ? Just a 'diffrent' script for each alts. and his "Sellable" items put in that prim too..
  18. I want to be able to use only 1 prim for multiple accounts. The number of prims used in this plan "1" the number of accounts used in this plan, Several. I just wonder if its possible, and if not, why not? Seems like a nice prim-space saver.
  19. As you saw. my question was not for the availability of rentals. i am very aware of those posibilities, thank you
  20. I dont want to be forced into a 'Annual Premium account" cause the only space im gonna need is space for 1 Prim. For a year. So. why have an "annual account" Besides, i dont have a credit card. most of the people from the netherlands frown on CreditCards. Here you have normal 'Bank' transactions. without some 'creditcardcompany' trying to leach percentages of the money away... I put money in secondlife thru websites like Dutcxchange.. I prefer not to be 'stuck' to a payment plan, thank you very much.
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