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  1. I am trying to see if it's possible to link any of them togetheer. Thanks.
  2. Anyone has answers? I would like to rezz my parts into one single piece. Thanks anyone.
  3. I have tryed everything to restore my avatar legs and arms back to normal. No huds, alpha lays, shoe bases,or anything in my outfit folder can be found causing the problem. Thanks for any help.
  4. I am trying to link my scripted objects to a hud and make them move from the hud.
  5. Anyone know where and how do you find your group key to get others to join your group?
  6. Do anyone know how or what to use to get your business sign or markings to show clearer details on the world map?
  7. Knowledge base instructions for placing a classified add. Is to select ME-PROFILE...Then PICKS at the top, and in the bottom left click the + icon for new classified side bar to edit classified. My question is why does my SSL Viewer does not have the + icon at the bottom of page are anywhere after i click Picks?
  8. How do i find or calculat the time it is in secondlife from my time zone for business and other matters?
  9. Am i able to to float my boat a hour or two on Linden seas without moving before they auto return my property?
  10. I tried to rezz some large items 300 meters above my parcel and would not work. My question is should i rezz these items at ground level and raise each item to that elevation?
  11. I can"t pull down and open new purchases items from inventory but get message "rez objects can"t be open because inventory parcel is full at this location.
  12. I can,t gain access to my Linden home by means of entrance doors due ro some unknown technical problem. I have submitted a v2 bug ticket and waiting for resuls. My question is "are there any settings or other waY to teleport to the interior of a Linden home or the rooftop only::?
  13. The doors to the linden home will no longer unlock from the entrance doors or the interior control panel.
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