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  1. I just wanted to clarify my statement that your customers are the developers, and content creators. I look at it this way.... Your true customer base consists of those developers/content creators, Those are the ones directly paying the LL tiers, market place commission, upload fees and premium fees. I would say that 90% or higher of your revenue is generated by this group. Your basic subscribers only generate revenue for LL indirectly through buying the "true" customers products and services(ie land rentals, item purchases, sim donations etc. ). So they are really your customers' customers.
  2. Welcome to SL. I am optimistic that with your experience you will have a positive influence on SL. ( impressive resume btw) That being said, I want to reiterate what many others have said. SL is not a game or a toy. I hope that this excerpt of a quote from you will not pertain to your philosophy for SL. ".... any element I could remove that got in the way of the game itself I did." Please dont remove any elements in an attempt to make SL a game on the order of the sims. I dont want to have restrictions of having to eat, go to the bathroom , work at a make believe job etc. Do however re
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