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  1. It wasnt a font issue. I had already tried that at the beginning and I only use the default win11 font. its fixed now. it fixed itself.
  2. I can log in but i cant click on account since its been merged with the language. I tried resetting my font size and nothing. I am curious is this just a me issue or widespread? https://gyazo.com/7f802417aad1eed8585cca2011d6c325 Thanks.
  3. This error is still happening the next day even after maint is supposed to be done. Grid status shows still going though so I'm guessing maintenance is going to last longer than expected.
  4. Basically, we're trying to do the same thing a store made with rezzing puppets while typing, but we want to rez a wand or say a book while typing and playing a sound or particle. I'll show an example .. https://gyazo.com/de5db3c736dee2459bdf223586d6927f I would love to create this sort of typer. One that does animation and sound but will generate this particle effect while typing. Sadly I have zero script knowledge and am not sure where to even go in the world to look or maybe builders brewery?
  5. A friend and I are messing around with making our own typing animations. We found this really fun wand animation full perm. We want to try to use a full perm wand inside the type prim to pop up when you type and go away when done.. Is that possible? If so Any ideas who makes or sells these scripts or what they are called? Thanks in advance for any leads. Magnus.
  6. ill have to try that but im not very good with scripts so when i create a script.. do i leave the normal stuff in that script and add this script or do i erase it all ?
  7. Would you know of any typing scripts that stop looped sounds? I have a few but they wont stop the animations or sounds.
  8. Is there a way to shorten an animation? I have one that I love to use in a typer but it's looped and just go on and on.. I tried contacting the creator and no response.
  9. The first month I didn't know I had to abandon my prem home until i saw a charge of 7.00 hit my account. .So once i saw the bill i abandoned my stilt home. So I figured I shouldn't be charged a second month. My land holdings are only the 1024 plot of land. As for Prem. i pay yearly and its not up until April 4th of this year.I submitted a ticket yesterday when it said i had a balance. Were see what happens. I appreciate the replies. I know if I would have kept my linden home.. Friends told me i would have been charged so im wondering if they bill early or i messed something up.
  10. I just bought a 1024 plot of land instead of using my linden stilt home. I ended up just doing a skybox on my land but now im being charged 7 bucks a month. I thought if you were prem. and you gave up your house you got a free 1024 plot of land with no fees.This is my land fees page. https://gyazo.com/d307ebd1af848eb27d54fb5a275d551c If i screwed up than thank god i only wasted 550L on this land purchase.. Ill abandon and go back to a Linden home and just do the same thing there.. Since paying 7 bucks a month for a 1024 is about stupid to me.
  11. I am curious to know if anyone thinks LL will start banning Russian IPs since they log in from the country that is invading Ukraine? I remember hearing stories in the past of other countries using SL for meetups to discuss things since it flew under the radar. While I admit i am sure not all Russians are for Putin invading.. but makes you wonder since this world is on a global scale.. I also wonder if there are any Ukraine groups where one can get actual boots on the ground updates. Just a curiosity of mine.
  12. I appreciate the reply.. Its not a major thing.. I just wanted to prepay since im thinking about it.. rather then it hit me since i dont carry a ton of cash in that account i used. ( strictly used for bills ) no worries.. Thanks for the answer.
  13. My prem renews on the 27th.. Am I able to just prepay now ?
  14. Thanks so much.. I totally missed this.. You saved me LittleMe Jewell !
  15. Is this something i should have selected from the MP listing i created on the website or how do i group up identical items ? Would you be able to point me in the right direction ? Thanks, Mag
  16. I play a lot of Gachas.. and always end up dropping the rest into MP like everyone else.. I placed a bunch of the same item that i won into mp as separate listings.. Was i supposed to group them up into just one mp listing to avoid getting this message 15 times from LL... ( The item has been blocked due to Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices - Item Spam (multiple listings for the exact same item) It tells me to go into my listings thru the viewer but i dont understand if im supposed to drag all items into one box to show multiple quantities or is there somewhere to list it or did someone flag my sales since i had 10 of the same item in the mp ? I have been selling for awhile and never seen these messages.. up until all these items im selling from a store called bad unicorn. Any help is appreciated since i figured this would be faster than contacting LL. Mags.
  17. This gives me hope at least for the bump up in stipend.. I ran into Patch Linden the other day in world and asked him about this issue.. he reply was the stipend system is Wonky.. he said he would get back to me.. I told him i was in a holding pattern until i found out.. but i just might do it .. Since i'm on so much now.. ( since the new wow expan. bites a bit ).. ' Thanks Arctic Fox for that info.
  18. I went to Culinary school and was a Pastry Chef.. until i got burnt out.. then became a fireman and a truck driver for a major southern based donut company .. but got injured on the job.. now on disability.
  19. lo @ the lady who keeps screaming about Firestorm this or that when she uses an i3 POS with a intel HD 3000 onboard gpu.. Go buy a pc that the game will run.. min . specs.. and quit griping.. I came here looking for help for a friend.. i gave her info.. told her the issues.. she has accepted the fact her PC is old.. You should to.
  20. So then my whole thought on the matter would be.. if i went to the current prem with my 2005 grandfathered account.. i would lose my 50L a week stipend if i stopped paying for the prem account.. Why ruin a good thing when its free right ? I like the users idea of getting the prem. land and deeding it to a group.. for more land from 2 avies. I just tend to take summer breaks from SL since im outside more either flying or racing.. so its nice to have the stipend build up for me when i come back during the winter months. Thanks folks for making this thread very interesting to read. ! Magnus
  21. The odd thing was .. i WAS a prem . account back when they announced they were going to grandfather ppl in.. when they did i dropped mine down to basic.. and been so ever since 2005.. I had the 512 plot of land ( which i sold ) and all the perks of a prem. member.. My whole curiosity is if i reup to prem.. and cancel.. do i go back to zero or still get my 50L.. the 50L is great for when i take my 6 month breaks .. esp when i come back to Linden on my account while i was gone. Thanks folks, Mag
  22. I dont think thats right.. my wife joined the game in 2007 and she gets a 50L stipend.. so those dates in 2006.. can't be right.. she was always a basic account.
  23. EXACTLY ! Thank you kind sir.. I appreciate you putting this out there.. I anxiously await Patch's update.. Mag
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