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  1. I would but I can't tp anywhere. If I try I crash. Also, when I log in Firestorm on my alt I'm just fine. I think it's something to do with a bridge. I am getting this message when I log in - Bridge detached. [] Bridge not attached. This is not the current bridge version. Please try recreating your bridge.
  2. Yes, I just sent in bug report. Going to try and see if I can't find a lm to tp out. See what happens. If nothing else might do reinstall. Hate to do that though.
  3. I'm using Phoenix Firestorm 4.0.1. but I have an empty friends list, empty groups, no search available, inventory won't load and my av is weird looking. This started early this morning. I cleared cache and came back tonight to see no difference. My partner says she's seeing the same thing. Has anyone else been experiencing this too?
  4. If you're still looking I'd try Nylon Outfitters http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/182/106/23 or mp https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/651. Might try to copy that link because it's not working when I click on it. Her name is Nylon Pinkney. I know she has skin in world but not sure of her mp other than clothes for sure. Or the Wigglesworth. Which is next door but it's elderly skins. So maybe too old but I'm telling you both shops are SO cutes! Or maybe even try Fashionably Dead.
  5. I just rerezzed all of my magic boxes and synchronized. So now all the pink ones are gone. But I'm not sure, will it let me reupload with Firestorm? The items that aren't listed as DD? Most are just magic box now.
  6. Yeah, I saw that in the tutorial. But most of my "unassociated" items are gone cause I've been deleting them. So only 14 left out of the hundreds. So I can't do that. I tried and there is only a small handful of things in there to choose from. I'm wondering if I should rerezz my magic boxes and see if they show up again? And I've already been deleting the pink items. Some of the other direct ones too because I thought I could reupload one at a time. I didn't know I'd be on mp for hours on end deleting one by one with tons of errors trying over and over, then have to try to upload about 5 magic
  7. Yeah, I don't see how I can delete each and every one it would take months. And besides, if I do, won't my pics and descriptions be gone also? I don't want to have to reupload pics. It would mean I'd have to go in world and upload, resize each one in PS. I only have about 14 items now left in unassociated items. But, under manager listings I'm showing a ton of items as magic box. And that's been removed in world. Then, a bunch of pinked out items as magic box - unavailable. And only a small handful of direct items that are working. So, I have to go in and delete hundreds of my listings one by
  8. I followed the tutorial video but less than half of my items are showing. I'm still seeing unassociated inventory, which won't delete, and a ton still listed as magic box items, and some unlisted. And I'm having trouble finding out which aren't listed because it's not even alphabetical anymore. So it's a big mess. I had uploaded in Firestorm as boxes, I did not unpack my items because it would take ages. So, I guess what I'm asking is if I reupload all my things all over again, will I have double of everything? Or will it figure out which ones are missing? And I'd like to know how to make it a
  9. I don't want to get a premium account. As of now I rent stores in malls but I'm considering renting land to use for a mainstore. Preferably a place for a skybox, with adult commercial use. Not a club just a small store. I've been hesitating to do so because I've known a few people who paid their tier many months in advance only to have the land owner leave sl. Or return their things by mistake all the time. I'm not 100% sure yet if I will do it or not, but I'm definately looking into it. So if anyone knows of a trustworthy place to rent land from could you please leave a name of the person to
  10. I just logged in on Phoenix and it's back to normal. I'm not a cloud. But when I got into beta, there it is again. And I only lose the picks each time I log in. Once I hit cancel I do see there, only till next time I log in on beta again. So it's the viewer I would say.
  11. With 2.3 I don't get that option in my profile for display names like the Torley video instructs. Neither do other people I've talked to. Only difference I notice with it is I had lost my picks section of profile. I now have to go in and hit cancel to view it. Just another useless step to do the same things as other viewers. I didn't think beta could be any worse but they're proving that wrong. And I'm still a cloud with this new viewer. Have been for a while now. Has anybody else experienced this? I cleared cache but no good.
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