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  1. I've got at least three friends (I'm not going to say any names for confidentiality's sake, although maybe I should) that are victims of false Age Reporting and NO HELP FROM LL. One of my closest friends was banned just a few days ago and still hasn't had anything done to their case after submitting proper ID except get their inworld items and land holdings deleted by LL.
  2. Will this mean that people who are trying to submit support tickets about things like having proper ID or not being able to log in will actually be helped instead of ignored? I may only have joined SL recently (yesterday as a matter of fact) but I have a lot of friends who play(ed) it and I've watched them play it/try to submit trouble tickets after being reported for things like harrassement that they never committed and as far as weeks or even months later nothing is done to help them when they've got all the evidence they need to show that they are the ones who need help and not "the other guy" who reported them. Sorry for my first action as an SL player being a para-complaint, but I said it for the sake of my friends (most of which actually pay Linden Labs to play SecondLife and still get no help). I'll go to my noob corner now.
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