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  1. This is a perfect answer. Thanks for posting it Ansariel. Peewee, again...thanks for your help. This has finally worked!
  2. @Giggles, I have had the same problem with no resolution, despite a few people's attempts to help. I am currently running Firestorm now, and able to get inworld. Good luck!
  3. I have, Peewee. Everything you recommended. I am in on Firestorm, but STILL can't make V2 work. This panics me a little as I am a photographer and V2 is the best I have found for ultimate graphics rendering ability.
  4. No luck. SL still crashes at the "Initializing VFS" box. I'm not sure what else to do.
  5. Found another way to get to the AppData! Here's hoping...
  6. @PeeWee, thanks for your attempt to help. I have hunted everywhere for the AppData folder, have updated my folder options to "Show hidden Files/Folders", and searched the Microsoft website. I feel like a dolt! I can not enable this function, and therefore seem incapable of clearing my cache. I have rolled back my computer to a couple days ago, before all the driver updates and SL is still crashing on startup for me, which tells me the problem is located in the cache. Further suggestions? I've also deleted and reloaded SL several times amidst all this.
  7. I think I am having the same problems. My day started with an update of Adobe's Flashplayer, after which SL crashes on startup for me. I run a Windows 7 64-bit system and use the standard V2. I have removed the recent updates to my NVidia GeForce GTX260M CUDA graphics card and turned off my antivirus to download a new driver set up. I've restarted several times, but SL is still crashing on startup (does not even post beyond 'Initializing Textures'). Any help or knowledgable advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Beginning this morning, at about 0800 EST, I began having the same problem. I run a Windows 7 64-bit system with a GeForce GTX 260M CUDA graphics card. All drivers were recently updated, as was Quicktime and Adobe Flashplayer (Flash this morning on auto-update). Any idea? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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