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  1. I know. While I know how to Run the common/standards of both Linux AND Windows. I am just not good at programs(Which is why I went to computer programming classes). Though I know more than enough to keep both kinds of systems up-to-date, and run like they are suppose to, but with the Windows computer ALWAYS needs constant work on, even when all my security (Norton, AVG, ClamAV, and Macfe) all says my computer is safe and risk free. I don't use Pheonix anymore. Not even on my Windows computer, I just play SL without a third part viewer, and it works fine there.
  2. Simple. My Widnows is getting to old to even Handle SecondLife, plus I honestly hate Microsoft computers.
  3. 1.) That is exe meaning it is for Micrsofot, and as I said around the first page, I already made the program work for Windows, but I am now having the problem getting The Linux version to Work for mu Ubuntu.
  4. Sorry, but I don't know about it.
  5. Feyth. Did you not read what the download for SecondLife said? They said NOT to use Windows 7/Vista/XP in a 64 bit, but to use 32.
  6. It works fine. Well I will do a paste bin, and PM it to you, for private reasons.
  7. Far as I can tell you. I am Using Ubuntu 10.10 (With Ubuntu work enviornment) On A HP Pavilion Mini Tower from the year 2005, while as is I just gotten my self updated hardware that SecondLife says is all I would need for even minimal work. System Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick. Kernal Linux 2.6.35-28-generic GNOME 2.32.0 Memory 1.9 GiB (Though I just added 2 Gig) Processor: Intel ® Celeron® M CPU 420 @ 1.60 GHz. Now I have ran Pheonix Viewer "SnowGlobe" in the terminal with no problems. Then I ran secondlife in the terminal with no problems, but when I started SecondLife, the game won't start, but an error massage keeps coming up telling me that Secondlife had crashed and or frozen, and that I might want to report it.
  8. Well the viewer wasn't set up when I downloaded it. No. I ran the program in the terminal perfectly. The error message comes up when I start SecondLife itself to play.
  9. It failed I started to run both SecondLife and PheonixViewer both in the Terminal and they sey they are finally set up, but when I start the game, a window opens up telling that SecondLife had crashed, and wants to know if I want to send a report about it crashing. I already restarted my computer, and re-ran the viewer in Terminal and it does not show it set up, like it has With SecondLife itself.
  10. Going by what the people at the Phoenix support site told me. 1.) I extracted the Viewer from download to my home folder, 2.) Then went to my desktop and right click for "Create a Launcher" and set the program name as Phoenix Viewer, as they said, 3.) Then for command line they told me to put the script "Snowglobe" as the launcher command. 4.) As I done that, the program still did nothing, nor shown me that I was doing anything right or wrong.
  11. Must need a set up now, because I am still having problems setting the viewer itself up. While not being able to have it set up, I don't even have the SecondLife set up, as a problem itself, too.
  12. Ansariel Hiller, Just posting to you that I got word from them. They told me what to do, but the program failed, and I still also need help setting up Second life to my Computer still. They already closed the temp account that they gave me, so I can't reply back to their comment about it still not working.
  13. Why I'd be. Phoenix finally respond to me with help, but there help did nothing, I still can't start the viewer, (Nor can I set up Secondlife) and they already closed my temp account, so I can't tell them it failed. Well does anyone at least know how I can set up Secondlife itself(I will try someone elses about set up on Phoenix viewer help). Please remember I am using a [Linux Ubuntu] computer.
  14. So if I go to ask them how to set up their viewer then where do I go to get help to set up the game/chat/world itself after I set the veiwer?
  15. Okay. But back to another theing. With the viewer(Choosen Pheonix) how do I set it up for my Linux computer? I installed it directlly from the site, but it is downloaded in packeaged form, which I have no idea on setting up.
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